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  1. 13k viewers for a 500k cod event, yea thats definitely the bar Halo should aim for
  2. https://clips.twitch.tv/snip3down/BeautifulSquirrelBCouch Ghost Melees and now this?
  3. Someone want to recap the scrim scores just like old times? I miss those posts
  4. I was about to say this is a trainwreck compared to how some people on this forum described cods production value
  5. Formal Back? https://clips.twitch.tv/opticgaming/CooperativeCockroachPMSTwin
  6. I put it like that so people wouldn't have to watch the first 9 minutes
  7. Optic currently not thinking about making a change from Maniacs vlog. https://youtu.be/B67wVcrdr0I?t=9m43s
  8. Link to the Halo part of Vision - https://youtu.be/NQFb3LrGpwU?t=6m43s Hecz pretty much tells Maniac to get back on the YouTube grind and to workout more
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