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  1. Does anyone know if its possible to gameshare Reach PC on Tuesday?
  2. I'd love to see a event try and use the old MLG setting with FFA fridays going towards your seed in the 4v4.
  3. Ah gotcha thought it may be a little weird since it brings up a warning sign before viewing (which I dont think happens on twitch?). Thought it may impact viewership over there.
  4. Mixer stream is lagging terribly and they have viewership set to +18
  5. Not sure if really relevant but I noticed some of the UGC guys got into the Alpha test for Infinite
  6. So with no HCS/event announcement until Nov. 5th guess its safe to assume nothing for Dreamhack ATL?
  7. For anyone that was wondering and Blackbeard and the PBL guys https://upcomer.com/pubg/story/1426710/losing-over-250k-denial-former-ceo-believes-he-was-a-mark "In 2018 Patrick invested in Battle7oken, a supposed crypto currency created by Tom Butler, who owned the Pro Battle League. The crypto currency would have been used to enter events, pay teams and players, and create fan rewards. Patrick gave $60,000 to Butler to help develop the crypto currency only to see nothing delivered."
  8. Reading and watching through all the Twitter drama that unfolded this weekend I feel for Takedown. Yes he shouldn't have punched Jax in the face but after a while you can only take so much before you snap, especially when you're winning a money match and someone has a camera ready to get a reaction out of you. Takedown does have his problems and a lot of controversy to him but that shouldn't be an excuse to bully him. I know this was more on Dreamhack since its the grassroots program but i do hope @Tashitakes measures for this not to happen again at future HCS events
  9. Would really love to hear from 343 on why Sprint is staying. Its been explained and even demonstrated for years that turning up movement speed>sprint.
  10. MCC on PC means I can dust off my 360 controller right?
  11. Didnt COD also go to 5v5 as well? Out of the loop, anyone know how that is working out for comp?

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