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  1. MCC on PC means I can dust off my 360 controller right?
  2. Didnt COD also go to 5v5 as well? Out of the loop, anyone know how that is working out for comp?
  3. I believe Sudd 2 plays Destiny competitively with a controller and I think sometimes 2gre as well. Although Destiny has high amount of AA so it might not be much of a difference.
  4. I always enjoyed having Halo as a console esport, I thought it went well along with Gears and COD (both being on PC and Gears + Halo being system sellers for Microsoft). Especially after the uproar of H5 not having splitscreen and 343 promising its return. I can see LAN parties being more popular again, which you couldn't do with PCs (splitscreen) plus consoles are more accessible with the younger crowd.
  5. Along with BO2 releasing and for those people who began to get tired of the series also turned to PC gaming with the rise of LoL after the hype of their S2 worlds at the Galen center in LA as well as CSGO and others diving into Esports. Add that with the disaster of the Xbone launch the following year and MCC after that its been a very rocky road for competitive halo fans on xbox.
  6. Anyone know what's going on with the PBL and the Anaheim owner. Apparently the Tom guy (PBL owner) took back ownership of the Pirates but not much else has been said
  7. @@Tashi I noticed in the Handbook that Cinchs (buttons instead of paddles) were not listed for controllers to be used. But I noticed Spartan uses them and is advertised by him. Was wanting clarification on this.
  8. Anyone else do the Microsoft store tournaments?
  9. Naded will be playing in the PBL tonight https://mixer.com/PBLHalo
  10. Should totally do this at Dreamhack! Have @@LethuL start it like the guy at the beginning and have everyone else join in
  11. Just ordered a Battle Beaver with the 360 stick tension for Dreamhack, turns out when I boot up H5 I got a slow turn going to the left side (0,0 deadzones). Boot up MCC and its perfectly fine on all 3 halos (didn't download H4). Anyone else have a BB controller/ witnessed this? Edit: its only visible about 50% of the time but its there. Have to kind of put extra pressure down time to time. Deadzones % fix it but thought it was interesting for anyone going 0/0
  12. Shame some of this had to happen, I was really getting interested in PBL and thought about trying for my region. Hope they can get it all sorted out, I really like the idea of having regional teams and having local areas team up. The whole Crypto payout is kind of strange though, would rather they just payout with normal currency.
  13. Felt like halo infinite was a fairly recent decision made, which really makes me wish they would've gone with a H3A or something last year. Something fresh would've got us through the next 2 years.

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