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  1. I never had the "I remember Halo 2" and seeing all the MLG events. I wasn't into it, I just remember playing Halo 3 for a whole month straight when I stayed with a cousin and never got to play it again. So Halo 4 has had to be my Halo and any memorable tournament I'll ever have seen is from AGL. I stick with it cause its my Halo, and even if its not the best or second best Halo, it's one I've learned to love and has made me love eSports now.
  2. Hey, man. Looking to work on those things. I'll send you a request. My gt is panic rails
  3. I'm in the same boat. I'll send you a message and FR. GT is panic rails
  4. GT: panic rails I live in Miami, Fl. Add me on xbl
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