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  1. Is anyone else just as confused as me? I really need some clarification.
  2. My first game is listed for 7:47 PM, I'm not sure what time that actually is as there is no timezone listed? I was under the impression the tournament started at 3pm EST.
  3. it says my first game is at 7:47? I thought the tournament started at 3:00 EST? Is the 7:47 time listed on the match details page EST?
  4. This may be a dumb question, but can someone tell me when the brackets for the Astro 2v2 tournament that starts tomorrow will be announced? Will they just appear on the team profile page? Is this also where you will report match scores? I assumed they'd be up by now since there are no open slots, I'm just making sure I haven't overlooked something.
  5. lemon is just salty cuz his 14 year old game on MCC population dropped.
  6. there tryin to turn this new generation into a buncha bi sexuals! Soon nobody will even have a gender and will fuck anything! Alex jones told me so
  7. what do you think the illuminati is trying to do?
  8. yes..that may be true..but a BR would ruin a guy with an smg..that's what I'm saying..it adds more depth. And the gap between the pistol/br in h5 is minimal to non existent at medium range..It makes a fine starting weapon and adds depth to the game.
  9. uhhh yeah..it did until they changed the settings, what about that concept do you not understand? No, it's not the traditional power weapon like a rocket/snipe..but it is def still a power weapon.
  10. Cursed Lemon- "Just because you put a shitty weapon underneath the BR/DMR doesn't make them "power weapons"....soooo what does it make them? A weapon that's better than the default starting weapon? (Is a Power weapon) The pistol is not a shitty weapon and it's quite clear, you are the only one that says it isn't.
  11. I think his point is valid, your just clinging to an argument. Of course the BR/dmr aren't power weapons, why state the obvious. He's simply saying that using the pistol/ar kind of adds another tier to the "power weapons" instead of melting people with your be/dmr to get to rockets/snipe...now you fight to get BR/dmr/rockets/snipe off spawn.
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