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  1. Any Halo 1 players near downriver? (Melvindale, Lincoln Park, Southgate, etc) add me on XBL DeMeNtEd0nE the 0 is a zero
  2. I might be willing to drive out there one of these days, and me and my friends have 4 modded boxes with about 12 controllers with Halo 1.5 installed on it from when it first came out. Thats about the last time we did a LAN
  3. I want to go to some LANs like the beach LAN near me. I never get the chance to play the new 1.5 maps but love all of them
  4. I live i a suburb right outside of detrout called melvindale and i wouldnt do it in the garage if it was too cold. We have done LANs in the basement with 16 people all playing at the same time plenty of times so there should be plenty of room
  5. Im not really trying to make money doing this i just want to do it for the fun of it. Im sick of playing the broken mcc and terrible hit detection it has for h1, so if i could do a tournament once every month or 2 it would be awesome
  6. I would just use my garage and basement and we have 4 CRT tvs and 4 xboxes but only 1 is a true flat i believe. And if we do $20 per team then first prize would take home $200 and 2nd prize $100. We could do 2 games at a time with people playing split screen. Ive never hosted a LAN tournamen before i just would really like to start and see what kind of turnout there is and maybe ill starg doing them regularly and get a better setup for everything
  7. I was thinking of hosting a 2v2 halo 1.5 tournament sometime soon. I was thinking 16 teams and $10-20 per team to play. Are any of you guys in the area that would want to play?
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