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  1. Flinch is the most annoying imo. Random and happens everytime i'm trading in a gun battle...not ok.
  2. Damn I thought I was the only one who didn't like MW2. Course I started playing during BO1 so maybe that's why I don't have a fondness for it.
  3. 1 year imo, least for multiplayer. CoD releases once a year and even then it gets stale after a few months out. League of Legends makes big changes 1-2 times a year and smaller patches every 2 weeks. People just don't wanna wait around 3 years for another meaningful experience, they like their games and communities to feel alive and always evolving. It's a problem with GoW too, or just Microsoft in general I guess. The gaming industry has changed a lot since the original trilogy, there's too much other stuff to play to have this much downtime now.
  4. I really hate that they don't acknowledge it on stream. Like we were all here watching, you're not fooling anyone, even NALCS casters talk about stream problems it's not a big deal.
  5. And this is why LAN or a consistent venue location is important in esports.
  6. Barely have time to watch HCS lately, but glad to hear someones doing a live show revolving around competitive Halo:)
  7. Gotta be cuz everyone says LoLesports would be dead without chinese viewership, Gears just proving they don't need China for big numbers:P
  8. Tho I love 4v4, that would definitely give Halo something too set itself apart from other games. Lots of 1v1 games and 4v4/5v5 games but not many if any 2v2 games at all. Would make forming a team much easier too, and debatably easier to watch.
  9. No sprint no radar, at least for one playlist please. I know 343 get's sick of hearing it but I get sick of saying it too lol. I feel like just for competitive would be the compromise here, and they seem fine with segregating war zone from regular Halo settings/maps, so what's holding them back from having a bad ass set of smaller maps and super competitive settings for the esports scene as well? Having the game play like the vanilla settings can be very important, but usually that comes with new games, and Halo is very old so we may have to rethink that ideology. I have no problem with them keeping sprint/radar in, but I just don't enjoy it at all personally, would love to be able to enjoy at least 1 playlist in new Halo games:(
  10. I love this Ninja, having a great plan B to fall back on has really allowed him to let everything out lately:)
  11. It was the same for CoD tho wasn't it? That seems to have slowed down by a lot the last year or two. Not sure if it was a rule change or what but it's definitely jarring when Halo teams feel a few scrims and 1 event is enough to decide whether or not the team has hit their skill cap. I'm not a pro but isn't there more room for growth than that? Also can't speak enough to how important a branding of a player can be for teams. Look at Bjergsen on TSM, Aphromoo on CLG, etc. Shit look at Doublelift on CLG, when he left some some followed him but a lot also stayed with CLG to support the team they grew to love because of him. In Halo you just kinda follow players around for the most part. It's less about the orgs and more just players. That's cool but it's gotta suck for investing in the scene, and leads to less meaningful interactions, less interest, etc. TSM vs CLG is probably the best example, those players retired long ago and it's still the biggest rivalry in esports.
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