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  1. That's really awesome right there. F that Playstation exclusivity that existed in Destiny.
  2. Prometheus Lens being op is just a ploy to get Crucible players to buy the DLC.
  3. Gamertag: Kreutz Customs/MM: Both Region: Pennsylvania, US Looking to do customs sometime. Got some buddies of mine that play looking for more people.
  4. Very nice. Mind if I share to r/DTG?
  5. I'm not a fan of the leveling system in Destiny 2. It's the Rise of Iron level progression system all over again. Just keep playing the content,doesn't matter what it is you're playing, and you'll soon level up to max level (right now it's 305, obviously). What they should have done was cap exotics and luminous engrams to 295, and only have the raid and trials dish out the level 300 awards to make the game have some kind of grind. Bungie is soft now. I miss the cutthroat grind vanilla Destiny had. The difference between a level 29 and 30's power was significant.
  6. Some are good, like Nightshade and Negral. But the thing is, at distances they can't compete against a Mida. So maps with the really long sightlines become a problem. But you're right, overall they've been taken down a notch for Destiny 2, just like the handcannons. Right now, the meta is Mida/450 RPM Auto rifles.
  7. Yep. Only PlayStation players could do this though. Hawkmoon (and handcannons globally) was nerfed to shit when it came over to Xbox.
  8. Anyone like leaks? https://vid.me/Qd3EM
  9. I do, but I don't play much Destiny these days so it's fine if I never get it.
  10. I hope some more powerful and better performing primaries surface once the game settles in. Seemed like a lot of the weapons kicked like mules, especially that handcannon Better Devils. It's recoil direction was all over the place as well. That's not something a handcannon did in Destiny 1. Take Eyasluna. It had a predictable upwards to the right kick that people mastered for a reliable three-tap. Better Devils could go from up to the left, then up to the right one bullet after the other. Plus, it's been noticed that handcannons in the Destiny 2 beta had considerable bloom. There have been a bunch of threads on Reddit lambasting it, so there's slight hope bloom gets tossed out the window. I'm still cautiously optimistic for the game. If they satisfy the competitive camp of players with some kind of ranking system, it would be huge. I'd play the shit out of the Crucible.
  11. I'm most fond of the old school JRPGs. Suikoden I & II and Final Fantasy X are my favorite OSTs.
  12. I haven't played the game yet, individual stats seem pretty weird now. I saw a guy in a stream the other day kill a dude, then assisted in the next two kills for a "Triple Down" Is kill death ratio gone and is everything shared with a (k+a)/d?
  13. Nice man. My last achievement is flawless raider. Don't see that one happening soon!
  14. Wooo! I was worried for a minute there. Thank you.
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