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  1. Same here though i haven't tested it. If you don't mind helping me test stuff out add me on xbox: Chiptendo. I just got the HD 60 pro
  2. Is it just me or is it easy to rank up in Halo 5 arena?
  3. So far Halo 5 for me is amazing. Only thing I found funny is that during the campaign the AI is a bit weird. For example: Tanaka drives off the map... with Buck in the passenger seat. Pretty funny, but frustrating when playing on legendary. Warzone is stupid fun. Haven't hopped in arena yet. Hey does anyone happen to know of a site that has all halo 5 Arena map information? i.e. map layout, callouts, spawns, (etc.
  4. Zelda Ocarina of Time Halo CE Zelda The Windwaker Final Fantasy Tactics Super Smash Brothers Melee Halo 2 Super Mario 64 F-Zero GX Dark Souls 1 Secret of Mana
  5. Yeah, that was my cousins friend : / He's a bit vulgar. Thanks for the honesty.
  6. Welp, nothing constructive is being said. Moving on~
  7. :l would you suggest I post this in "General Gaming?" even though this is mainly about how entertaining this video is. What could make this video more entertaining? what do you like, dislike, find entertaining about this video? (etc.
  8. But this is an off-topic area for anything including entertainment which this is. Video games = entertainment. It's what I plan to upload -_-
  9. Hey, If you're going to down vote I'd really appreciate it if you could tell me why. Any constructive criticism is welcomed. If you're just down voting for the lols then...
  10. You could have got it free D: They where doing a microsoft promo where you get $25 for installing 3 microsoft apps. Bring a friend, get two cards, preorder, profit. Hope they do it again sometime.
  11. That I will avoid like the plague. I want to have that feeling I had when I first popped in the disk to HALO: CE. It's going to be amazing.
  12. My bad, got the timezones wrong. D: A better example would be changing your region to AEDT. You'd get the game about 15 hrs earlier. That should be right.
  13. I think I used the wrong meme but basically I didn't want to explain the whole region changing. Like how in Japan it's 11:40PM. Changing the region to Japan would be like playing at 11:40PM while you're actually playing during you're timezone. time~ Ex: Game releases at midnight EST, however it also releases at 9PM PST. If you change your region to one with a PST timezone, you can access the game 3 hrs earlier.
  14. Dude i'd drop everything to ride in that epic train. It looks as if it's going to all things possible lmao. so epic.
  15. Hey, my GT is Chiptendo. Me and my cousin Evilryu is OP are planning on going. looking for one to compete in daytona.
  16. I can see it now. Huge slides and you can drive down on them with any vehicle. It will be the ultimate Halo 5 race map.
  17. @@Osqutin Now I'll be thinking about John and Locke going down park slides while playing H5. Park slides should be added to Warzone. I'm so making a park slide map on forge when it comes out in December.
  18. Goose, Are the three of you planning on attending the Iron Gaming competition in Daytona Beach, FL? That's where I plan to compete. Currently looking for a team for that event.
  19. Anyone going to the tournament in Daytona Beach, FL for halo 5? It's 3 days after the halo 5 release. First H5 tourny of the year!

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