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  1. So they basically just moved everything back to where it was originally.
  2. Can confirm 2.5, 2.5 2 accl feels like teh sex
  3. Is it just me, or can you not YY power ups anymore?
  4. So Torque was basically just a waste of a map. Because Stasis is what it should of been in the beginning.
  5. So fathom is gonna have a saw and 2 storm rifles? Lmao wow
  6. I seriously cant believe 343 makes an update titled "Memories of Reach"...........and it doesn't include the grenade launcher. I guess its a good thing in a way. If they would of included it, I'm sure they would of turned it into a noob tube instead of a pro pipe. Sad though that there hasn't been 1 weapon in the DLC that was made specifically for arena, just been a bunch of warzone bullshit
  7. So I just got banned from arena for 3 hours....... Just for starting up H5 A blessing in disguise maybe
  8. I missed the reach preview. pro pipe anywhere?!
  9. do we know what the next match is? need to find some time to get food.
  10. Ever since the server update last week, this game has been completely unplayable. Lag fest every game now. Feels like mcc all over again.
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