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  1. Merry Christmas to you bunch of toxic bastards who keep the dream of classic Halo alive.
  2. And? Id rather a bot that plays decently than nothing. And it could be restricted to social playlists.
  3. Honestly that's a great idea, and even Mario Kart 8 does that. When a player leaves or is DCed, a bot takes their place and plays for the rest of the match.
  4. Yeah boy this looks amazing. No longer have to wait a second to open something just for it to load and move down a bit and accidently click something else.
  5. I only follow look at people's Avatars, and I spent a good minute wondering when I posted in this thread.
  6. It's still the most interested anyone's been in Halo since the PC Halo Online. Which was also because it's Classic Halo. It shouldn't be hard to put two and two together.
  7. If 343 doesn't realize from this alone that the community WANTS CLASSIC HALO, nothing will make them understand.
  8. God I hope this ends up working correctly. Itd be a nice day if something 343 did would actually work. Mixtapes can easily be the future of matchmaking.
  9. You aren't wrong, but in the rare occurrence they don't.
  10. Now if this works, how many people who kept saying "This will never happen" are going to own up to it?
  11. Do you honestly believe people would actually be playing at that time?
  12. I always took that as a joke to pad out the blog to make it seem big. But this time they didn't even do that. It was like a four or five word sentence bullet point.
  13. Nice to see you pick out one small insignificant detail, that was probably fixed in down time, to act as if the rest aren't substantial.
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