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  1. empty's first montage (incubus ftw) and this one and str8 rippin montage because i got killed in it lol.
  2. So who are all the halo pros working for 343 now? Neighbor, Dersky, Ghost, Bravo (not really pro). Anybody else?
  3. My limited edition came scratched and I had to wait until the next day to return it and play. Good times
  4. I would play reach if I could ever get a competitive game in matchmaking. Nobody calls out, I never get a competitive match, and there's always at least one quitter every time I try going back to reach V7 playlist. Nothing nostalgic about H3 for me, I am just playing the game I can enjoy more. I would play Halo 2 if xbc was possible with my current setup.
  5. Im pretty sure Unique users per 24 hours is different than Peak population. And the h2 graph says games/day?
  6. XBC is better anyways. Chris the hippie ftw. He went to my high school
  7. We should be going back to H2 not H3. Seriously though.
  8. I know right? I think its because people don't take events without a lot of top teams very seriously.
  9. get the pros to show up and the ams will follow
  10. Hi i'm dave and this is my favorite montage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehFoGyJrGi4 respect elites
  11. I thought to4s could only match to4s in h3 edit: didnt see above post
  12. Agreed. As consistent as Reach is, it is a much easier game.
  13. I hardly get any lag in h3 unless its against foreigners. Sucks for you guys I guess.. H3 is not close to being the best halo but at least the game doesn't aim for you nearly as much as reach and h4
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5pKLBjr2FI a Cursed Lemon sighting
  15. I havent played for real in a long time but I could possibly be down for this lan. I still had a decent shot last time i played. And I go to school in kalamazoo which isnt very far from where your lanning probably.
  16. worst Halo memory for me. "et tu brute?". I just get done downloading that video from the dashboard press play and my box red rings. I was so fucking mad lol
  17. lmao. I just watched that game of yours last night when I was playing H3. Forgot how nasty it was. Remember that screenshot i took of you in snipe corner on narrows with a mauler? lol. My favorite Halo memories in no specific order are my one and only event Columbus 2011 (if only I had went one year later), lanning on wednesday night in Grand Rapids, then driving to Battle Creek to lan on thursday night, then driving to Columbus friday morning. I failed at being the navigator and fell asleep so we missed a key exit on the highway. We got knocked out 2-1 in a game we should of won against a team that finished top 30, then lost a few rounds later in losers 2-1 to a team we should of beat. Also I got to meet up with some of my best non local friends during the Halo 3 days at that event. It really was one of the most fun times ive ever had. Some of the coolest people I've ever met and been able to play with for sure. And my other favorite memories are from all the lans ive been to in michigan. Such a great community here that I wish I would have been more active in during Halo 3. Lets see, lreaction's lans for reach with walshy there were awesome. My best overkill ever on zealot slayer ended with a sniper headshot on walshy, but wasn't on my xbox and was an offline account of course. Lets see what else... GVSU lan at i think squintz? house maybe. Everyone gave up on reach and we started playing H1 4s. It was a LOLFest. And 1v1ing lreaction in reach sanctuary i was hitting every snipe and made an epic comeback to tie it at 14 in the last seconds. i cant think of anything else atm. oh yeah and my first ever gamebattles match beginning of H3 maybe version 4. It was me and my two best friends irl and another kid we met online as a team. We are all god awful at the time and first match we play against Ambush just coming off a 7th place finish which was Eli the ninja, Snipedown, Silent, and Gunshot. Eli and gunshot were my absolute favorite montage makers in Halo 2 as well. And they asked us if we just wanted to forfeit. Long story short, we didnt forfeit and we're in the Str8 Rippin montage. ok so im I HAYWIRE I. I just want to point out how lucky he got here. I get hit by a bank shot and then his plasma nade goes through the hole in the wall and lands at my feet in cuts. WTF BUNGIE. Nothing i could do there. My friend on the other hand who doesn't land a shot... and also the str8 rippin montage was so hyped up when it came out, i remember me and my friend were sitting at his house waiting for it to be uploaded the day it was supposed to come out. Good times
  18. well... and solace, ragnarok, meltdown, and a couple others. but Idk why I said forerunner maps though that's not really what I was getting at. You hated it, but I loved Halo 2's grittiness and how dark player models and some of the maps were. Every map now has to be bright with high contrast, shiny surfaces with lights, and crazy sky boxes. I guess I just miss everything about Halo 2 lol
  19. I was just going to say this. Halo also used to have fun and addicting big team battle and fun vehicle gameplay. Also not gameplay but I wish they would make the game look a little less childish. Maybe tone down the amount of forerunner themed maps and make everything a little less shiny and vibrant. Halo 2 had this right imo.
  20. As a person that is all but done with halo and console gaming in general, I would seriously consider coming back and attending events if sprint was taken out. And I know I have a lot of old Halo friends that would do the same.
  21. Nope, its 2 guys from The Mars Volta and now Bosnian Rainbows :gandhi:
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