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  1. empty's first montage (incubus ftw) and this one and str8 rippin montage because i got killed in it lol.
  2. So who are all the halo pros working for 343 now? Neighbor, Dersky, Ghost, Bravo (not really pro). Anybody else?
  3. My limited edition came scratched and I had to wait until the next day to return it and play. Good times
  4. I would play reach if I could ever get a competitive game in matchmaking. Nobody calls out, I never get a competitive match, and there's always at least one quitter every time I try going back to reach V7 playlist. Nothing nostalgic about H3 for me, I am just playing the game I can enjoy more. I would play Halo 2 if xbc was possible with my current setup.
  5. Im pretty sure Unique users per 24 hours is different than Peak population. And the h2 graph says games/day?
  6. XBC is better anyways. Chris the hippie ftw. He went to my high school
  7. We should be going back to H2 not H3. Seriously though.
  8. I know right? I think its because people don't take events without a lot of top teams very seriously.
  9. get the pros to show up and the ams will follow
  10. Hi i'm dave and this is my favorite montage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehFoGyJrGi4 respect elites
  11. I thought to4s could only match to4s in h3 edit: didnt see above post
  12. Agreed. As consistent as Reach is, it is a much easier game.
  13. I hardly get any lag in h3 unless its against foreigners. Sucks for you guys I guess.. H3 is not close to being the best halo but at least the game doesn't aim for you nearly as much as reach and h4
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