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  1. My name is Cyborg, I'm from Greenville, South Carolina. I'm looking for a to3 or a to2 to run games with for whatever is next for Halo. I can play every day. I am a diamond in HCS, but I play solo to work on my individual skills. I'm a team player and I won't give up on the team. My twitter is @MajinCyborg and my gamertag is Majin Cyborg. Tweet me or message me on xbox and we can talk! Let's get this rent money
  2. I am a free agent for Halo 5 and I can play whenever. I'm from the east coast. I have previous LAN experience and I have decent placings in Halo reach and Halo 4. I want to grind and win. I strive to be the best and I want my 3 teammates to have that same attitude. Message me on XBL and Twitter and we can talk.
  3. Hey man I was wondering if you wanted to run games. I have previous LAN experience back in Halo reach and Halo 4. I placed top 64 with a pick up team at AGL 7 and 8 and I placed top 32 in some FFAs. I want to make my name as a 4s player and I'm ready to grind. I live on the East Coast I can stay up late and play and I can play every day. I want to earn everything I get. I'm ready to take care of business. Hit me up and we can talk more
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