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  1. Everything here is subjective besides the time to kill for a weapon. How we use the time to kill stat to decide on our starting weapon is subjective. This wasn't an argument against what you said, rather a general observation. I am glad you agreed the invitational looked boring. You just made a point that the pistol has a faster kill and now you are saying the pistol and BR stand the same chance.. you are arguing with yourself. Yes, I realize the pistol has a faster fire rate. There are two sides to this though. It may be very impressive to see someone cross map with a pistol, but the odds of that are much less likely than cross map with a BR. It is much more difficult. Yes, this adds to the skill gap and obviously competitiveness of the game. The other side, like you mentioned, is the skill involved with timing a quick scope between BR shots. To me, and this is obviously subjective, I would rather see a quick scope than a cross map pistol. The BR start allows everyone on the team to have a more legitimate chance at fending off a sniper than with a pistol start, in turn, making the sniper less powerful and more skillful to use. Making the game look cool and attracting viewers is what makes this an eSport. If nobody watched, it would never be an eSport. There has to be a balance. As competitive as it may be to lets say have everyone spawn with a plasma pistol or plasma rife, the skill involved to land every shot cross map is insane, but we aren't even going to consider that option. Why? Because it would be extremely dumb to watch and probably not even fun to play, even if you trained to somehow land 80% of your plasma shots cross map,
  2. First off, a pistol should never shit on a rifle user at all ranges consistently, that just doesn't make any sense. A pistol is not designed for longer range and is most often less powerful. I understand this is a virtual world, but it simply defies logic. The BR has become a staple in the competitive halo and should still hold a viable spot in the competitive scene. Too often during the pre-release Halo 5 HCS tournament did I see players pass on picking up the BR and DMR. Sometimes this was because the battle they were anticipating was going to be close quarters, and therefore unnecessary, but mainly because it was simply not an upgrade. The rifle weapons did not kill faster and served no utility. I think if the pistol remained a 5 shot kill and the AR received a slight nerf, it would still make using the pistol viable, while allowing the BR/DMR to become more useful. I think the most important thing about maintaining the use of the BR in competitive Halo is simply because it is a more exciting weapon to watch. To be honest, watching the pre-release Halo 5 HCS Championship was fairly boring due to the amount of times ARs and SMGs were utilized.They just look easy to use and have absolutely no WOW factor, as opposed to a 4 shot BR or out BR. Nobody is going to be like, "holy shit that dude just got out AR'd." It's not exciting. Nobody wants to see the main power weapon be an SMG, it is not exciting to watch, whatsoever. The pistol is close in that respect, as it can definitely have some WOW factor. It is difficult to use and a viewer can more easily identify the skill involved. The only issue I see from pistol/ar combo now, and what I saw again in the Halo 5 tournament, is that battles tended to become more close-quarters. Because ARs are boring to watch and don't excite the viewer as much, we want to see people use their pistol and pull off a sick 4/5 shot kill. Too bad the AR is too strong right now. But that 4/5 shot kill is not nearly as sick as seeing a 4 shot BR because the BR is just a more exciting gun. The pistol looks and sounds like a dinky sidearm gun, as it should be. PIstols are typically a small, underpowered sidearm. Firing one shot bullets at close quarters is awkward and doesn't draw the viewer in as much. I feel like when I would watch competitive Call of Duty, you would get sucked in during the entire span of firing an automatic assault rifle like the Bal-27 or ASM1. It seemed funner and more enjoyable to watch. I like the sound of a nerfed AR/5SK Pistol to start, but to follow a point I made above, I think that will only work if we stick with SMG power weapons instead of adding more snipers/other that clearly involve more skill and have more WOW factor to the audience. What could really work is having some maps be AR/pistol and some maps be BR spawn. The different strategies and game styles would keep a viewer entertained. BR start on a map with more sniper rifles makes the match more balanced. I think it would be too much to ask a team to grab the one battle rifle on their side of the map to take out the sniper on the other side of the map. The other teammates probably couldn't provide support assuming they are fending off the other 3 opponents from the enemy team. The beauty of Halo and BRs has always been that you have a chance. If you are good enough, you can keep the enemy from scoping in because you had the ability to land shots cross map with the BR (and hope he wasn't good enough to quick scope/ no scope). With a pistol it is possible, but the range is not there, nor do I think it should be (that is the spot for a rifle), and therefore the allowable consistency of fending off a sniper cross map with a pistol seems unbalanced and non-entertaining.
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