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  1. Can't believe I got picked up by OpTic! Couldn't do it without my good friend NadeShot! Happy birthday Nade! #GreenWall
  2. So apparently some where on this damn forum, there is a gif of me "JR2" "JR2 is Better" worldstarring some kid named syur via groundpound. I am sick of looking aimlessly. If someone knows of this apprently it was a gif from my stream. Someone hook it up fam. I wanna see this shizz.. Got a new gamertag btw GT: JR2 WORLDSTARS Twitch.tv/legend_jr2 Twitter:@Jr2isbetter :PPPPPPPPPPP
  3. U da man bro thanks i apprieciate this
  4. Havent heard of any of these dudes bashing me. Yall even play the game or do u just use this forum?
  5. Yo guys its Drew here. I never post on the forums. I want to start. What do you guys think of me? I am honestly curious. All hate welcome. I'd like to see where I stand in the community. One thing I do want to note: All my twitch titles are complete troll. So before you pull out the "stop thinking you are the best in the game", I just want you to realize I don't actually think the things I make my titles. Am I?.... Annoying Trash Garbage Overly Agressive Good Shot/ Stupid Player Ugly idiot streamer What am I known for? Being the Older Scaryotic? Being the worst Halo Stream on twitch? Dirty Polish kid that should go back to Poland? Lmao hmu I am interested.
  6. I have a team. Wasnt trying to get picked up. Littetally just curious if i had any standing in the community.
  7. Lol guess i was seeking attention. Sorry fam. I got 300 active viewers on new years. Clg Frosty 1v1ed and i lose series 2-1. I guess none of those people post on forums. I apologize for making you angry with my "attention whore" attempts. Haha 1st post last post
  8. im gonna sound liek a tool saying this... I teamed with FiS, LifeStyle, Chaser in one of the OQ. Im trying to see if I have any relevance at all
  9. Telling me you do not know of me helps alot actually Thanks
  10. You know it g. Lets go top Mass players you know
  11. Whats up fellas. I thought I would give this a shot since I have seen multiple network assistance posts on Bungie.net in the old H2 and H3 days. Anyways, I have tried alot of things so I was curious to see if anyone is a networking fiend good enough to fix my problem. I have good connection at college. As a matter of fact I could play online no issue the year before. I would play Halo decently during the week and perfectly no lag on weekend. (There is a far less traffic on the weekends since a majority of the students go home. I was playing MCC and CS:GO. Both games the connection was good enough for ranked play. (Mainly concerned about Halo) This year I hear news that we had upgraded out network. So we received and upgrade great. No. I have a good inside with one of the higher up employees in the IT department. Apparently, when we upgraded the guy in charge of networking messed up somewhere. In the picture I provided in the left hand corner is what pops up on my xbone when I run a multiplayer connection test. (You cant see in the image but it says my packet loss is at 46%) The internet is actually not bad. It has no problem streaming netflix or youtube. But when it comes to gaming it is awful. Unplayable. But, the lag is different. It isn't a matter of speed. As a matter of fact sometimes the lag is just extremely spikey. When I say spikey I mean, I lag stupid all over the map anytime I get into a fight with another player. I had tried to make my own network through my laptop and running a hotspot shield. Pretty much it was kinda like I made my own network the was based off of the school internet. I'd hardwire my laptop and then connect to it on my xbox wirelessly. It was a strange idea my friend from IT came up with when he came to my room to try to fix it. It actually worked one time. I do not know if it was a coincidence but the when he was watching me play I had no lag at all. Then he left. Since then I could not get it to work and he couldn't fix it afterwards. Anyways, he claims that the guy in charge of networking is just an idiot and fucked it all up when they upgraded the internet before this semester. Do you guys have any savage techniques that could get me to game again? I truly believe my schools internet has such strict nats that I just can't send or receive packets or data with anyone. Which in gaming you are constantly sending information from one system to another so that is why I think I can not game but I can stream videos.
  12. I didn't think downloading java to view my packet loss was important since i ran the test on my xbox. Let me know what you guys think.
  13. Also saying I will not be surprised when you guys say, I think you are just fucked because it is very true. I think I am just fucked and will not be able to play at school. lol

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