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  1. How sweaty are you?
  2. Legend_JR2

    The bean

    Whats goodie
  3. Can't believe I got picked up by OpTic! Couldn't do it without my good friend NadeShot! Happy birthday Nade! #GreenWall
  4. U da man bro thanks i apprieciate this
  5. Havent heard of any of these dudes bashing me. Yall even play the game or do u just use this forum?
  6. So apparently some where on this damn forum, there is a gif of me "JR2" "JR2 is Better" worldstarring some kid named syur via groundpound. I am sick of looking aimlessly. If someone knows of this apprently it was a gif from my stream. Someone hook it up fam. I wanna see this shizz.. Got a new gamertag btw GT: JR2 WORLDSTARS Twitch.tv/legend_jr2 Twitter:@Jr2isbetter :PPPPPPPPPPP
  7. I have a team. Wasnt trying to get picked up. Littetally just curious if i had any standing in the community.
  8. Lol guess i was seeking attention. Sorry fam. I got 300 active viewers on new years. Clg Frosty 1v1ed and i lose series 2-1. I guess none of those people post on forums. I apologize for making you angry with my "attention whore" attempts. Haha 1st post last post
  9. Legend_JR2


    Whaddup kid
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