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  1. It's amazing seeing such intense gameplay coming from one of the maps I co-created. Shit, man. This is great.
  2. So I gotta say. Why is there so little love for Breakout? I love the speed of it all and the map designs. MAN. More people gotta love Breakout. I gotta go make some Breakout Strongholds and maybe plan for some Breakout Assault. Breakout Grifball. Breakout King of the Hill. Breakout Warzone Assault, BREAKOUT THE FLAMETHROWER.
  3. I should not be in Onyx FFA someone save me
  4. I also decided to give the Noble armor recolor and the contrast change a try. I don't think removing all of the little designs is the right direction, I feel it's how they should contrast. I think adding contrast between the undersuit, the white, and whatever color the user wants, is the best decision. This was a rushed job, but it's how I feel the armor should be designed before put into the lighting engine. Everything needs to be seen at a distance and in different lighting to see how badly the designs will bleed. Their colored and grey undersuits cause the colors and designs that 343 adds to the armor to bleed. It removes the fact they added all of that detail. I wish I could see how the lighting engine would differ between recolors and the originals.
  5. It didn't ruin the game. This game has a completely different set of balance compared to previous games. Or, we could have another Halo 3 where you literally have no reason to ever use anything BUT the BR.
  6. Well, my fun is over in SWAT. Ranked Diamond. I will never have fun, again.
  7. How many of you have tried Project M? What are your opinions on a professional player-based Smash game?
  8. So far we know it's Filesystem and Forge. Though I think with Forge, Custom Games will be getting an increase in goodies and options. Though that is just pure speculation based on community feedback that I've gathered. Let's hope 343 delivers.
  9. I find that the Storm Rifle is scary as hell if someone is right in your face with it. It'll outperform an AR if you're close and you punch right after a decent burst. I also don't find the AR too overpowered, but I may not be seeing it the way others are. Especially because even in Platinum, I've been outperforming people using it with the pistol.
  10. Everyone knows that starts should be the railgun and suppressor combo. It's like you guys aren't even trying to make this balanced, fair, and completely respectable.
  11. Drop the whole WWE limitation. Finishers in other promotions are usually so much more intense, due to WWE having a strict no-flippy-shit law in effect. That being said, I was really hoping for a german suplex or even something along the lines of a choke slam backbreaker.
  12. 4 hours... 4 hours of a constantly full Warzone team storming through the ranks. Man that Overdog night was fun. Kinda wish we could have it weekly. Guys, Warzone is amazing when you have a full team. Tank convoys are awesome.
  13. I'll have to claim fisticuffs against you, sir.
  14. Halo 5 gameplay is good, though. You just crazy.
  15. Social playlist is on the way, it's the waiting for it that sucks.
  16. Listen here, Jack. I'll go uptown and send your mother some flowers, you punk. See?
  17. I'm pretty sure you're mistaken. You're either wrong, or you agree with me. There is no between. This is how video games work, sir.
  18. So, when will that unidentified city map be added to Warzone?
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