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  1. I don't have a team or anything yet but I really like to play with some decent competitive minded players. If you wan't to run some games I'd be more than happy to play with you. My goal is to eventually form a team and start improving every day. My GT, if you want to add me, is SeamusTheWhale
  2. I've experienced a similar problem with my friends as well. I'm on fairly regularly. I'll make sure to add you. My GT: SeamusTheWhale
  3. My CSR use to be at 31 before they reset the playlist. Haven't played too many games since top 200 thing came out. Although I am hoping to play a lot soon
  4. Is anybody interested in teaming up to grind some Team Slayer playlist in hopes of cracking the top 200? In the 11/20 Bulletin 343 the CSR in the Team Slayer playlist is now team based so going into matchmaking solo would make things much more difficult. I'm a decent player that enjoys competitive play for recreation. Reply if your interested.
  5. I still enjoy playing Halo 4! I would really like to grind some team slayer especially now that waypoint is doing the "Team Slayer Top 200" (See the 11/20 bulletin). Be cool to see if I could crack into to the top 200 with the help of some other people.
  6. What is a Spartan's sprinting speed compared to normal movement speed? Is it 130%, 150% etc...
  7. So I'm all in favor for removing sprint from future Halo games and returning to the "classic" formula, but at the current I time I believe it would bad idea to remove it from Halo 4 right now due to the fact that maps are sooo much larger than they use to be. Removing sprint now would make gameplay sluggish on most maps and only work on small arena sized maps such as skyline. Recently I came up with an idea that I think in my opinion could solve the sprint dilemma. It's a concept I call "Desprint". It would work similarly to descope, when a player is shot while sprinting that player will be knocked out of sprint and can't resume sprinting until after a certain amount of time.This would take away a player's "get out of jail free card" when they try to run away from a fight and punish people who don't position themselves strategically on the map. Hopefully this can solve the majority of our sprint related issue. Let me know if this could work or if I'm just making a fool out of myself.
  8. Top 6 payout will motivate more people to attending AGL's so that they can place in the money, thus creating more competition which will make the scene grow even larger. By doing this we will eventually be able to increase the pay out for the top 3 if the growth continues.
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