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  1. ROFL the Sudds are going ham on each other, talk about some good entertainment!!
  2. Alex Styer and Myself are currently looking for 2. We both have event experience from our past and know what it takes to make a top team. We are looking for players that can play alot so we can grind out and make it to the top. We know rank doesnt always mean anything but in a way it kinda does just because once you start getting higher you play against better people. Things you will need in order to try out. -Event Xp -Gamebattles login - High Oynx / champ If anyone is interested in doing it big with us please send me a message on XBL. Gt- BaDNeWsssss
  3. Overgrowth is possibly one of the worst halo maps to exist... i don't understand why they would add so many close quarter weapons along with camo. They have pro team testing these maps and still can't do things right blows my mind.
  4. Hey all, U sepaR redruM here. Whats up to all my H2 OGs, esp circa '06! We're looking for a well rounded fourth to compete in the online ladder of HCS. Must have tournament experience with at least semi-pro placing, and be dedicated to practicing 4-6 times/week with some additional time dedicated to studying video. The three of us have years of tourney experience, strong placings, a long history of playing together, and have been grinding H5 since release. The roster currently is redruM 4v4: top 32 DC 05, 25th Orl 06, 20th NY 06; 17th 2010 FFA: 18th NY 06, 20th Chi 06, top 32 overall 2006 season WaldoX nominated Scion player of the year '06 4v4: top 16 NY 06, top 32 Chi, top 32 Orl FFA: 10th NY 06, 4th Chi 06, 9th overall 2006 season BaDNeWs (Arkial) 4v4: atl 05, meadowlands 06, dallas 06, chitin 06, orlando 06, top 64 placings FFA: top 64 chi 06My tag is M for redruM now, add or msg me if youre interested, or if you just wanna scrim. see you online, redruM I just copied and pasted this for Murder please contact him!
  5. Does anyone have any links or pics of overgrown?
  6. BaDNeWsssss customs / arena, slayer, warzone. East Coast Diamond players ++
  7. gametag: ArKiaL Pwnz customs/mm: Anything H2 MLG settings. region: USA, east coast
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