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  1. EXACTLY MAN!!!! I wish the same thing hopefully in the future they will do that.
  2. Do they plan on streaming station 2 as well? nvm just saw your post. Thats a bummer they won't stream station 2.
  3. I have this feeling that its going to be easy to get into OG head on lan.. I hope it doesn't happen though.
  4. -Who do you think is the best up and comer thats not pro yet? -What do you plan to do if you win the 2mill? -What improvements would you like to be made in h5? -Are we back??!!
  5. They should make a competitive playlist for a few weeks trying no radar to see how it plays out. Im all for them taking out radar though.
  6. Very good video and Formal is exactly right on everything he said.
  7. intersted. Tons of lan xp (mlgs halo 2). gt = BaDNeWsssss
  8. empire strongholds is possibly one of the worst game types in a competitive scene. They need to make it a 5cap with storm rifle where the caster is and remove shotgun. maybe even put overshield where the shotgun spawns.
  9. I'm just trying to see all options with the lcq coming up and really want to do good in it. Any questions feel free to message me on Xbox. Gt = BaDNeWsssss
  10. I'd like to try out add me or message me. gt= BaDNeWsssss. I have 500 pro points if that means anything to you guys.
  11. AHAHAHAH i havent laughed this hard in a long time at these forums. I do agree with you though
  12. Whats the team that optic said "host booted" them? and who did they play before that "lagged out"?
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