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  1. Well to be fair it wasn't actually the end of the night. The complaints were rolling after basically every series. They started to trickle in as soon as 2gre said something more or less. It is strange but I wonder how safe a team would feel refusing to play.


    All they would have to say is "I'm having audio issues and its not letting me play at 100%" That alone should have it looked into. 

  2. i was going to say this, I played from red so I don't know but if every single team played and didn't say anything until losing then I don't know what to think. We had some minor issues and just told the refs or someone about them and they came over and fixed them in a few minutes. Even if it was only noticeable in game wouldn't someone just say something after game 1? Idk maybe I'm overthinking it but nobody saying anything until the end of the night on Twitter seems odd




    totally agree. Id be snapping if i was playing for a chance at 2.5 million and had audio issues. 

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