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  1. Probably not the smartest thing to be doing this close to worlds imo.
  2. lol couldn't be more true. You people that are saying "I've never spent anything" are a small % and I'm sure don't grind the game everyday.
  3. LoL has made over $1 billion. Heartstone makes close to $20 mill a month
  4. Im sure every person that plays any of the "free" pc games has spent more than $60 on it. I know I was when i was grinding PC games.
  5. Yeah figured they'd wait till after worlds to make any big changes. Glad they are talking about this now though!!!
  6. they probably didn't show up because there was no point in playing. It would have just been a waste of time for them.
  7. I have Mintz on my friends list. Interested in running games with you guys
  8. Idk why they took out lan and split screen support for h5 unless they are trying to get more people to buy xb1s
  9. No winning team is going to want to replay the games rather it was unfair or not.
  10. All they would have to say is "I'm having audio issues and its not letting me play at 100%" That alone should have it looked into.
  11. totally agree. Id be snapping if i was playing for a chance at 2.5 million and had audio issues.
  12. Where do you see them saying they were doing sandbox updates? Nvm I found it.
  13. If the sound is so bad why doesnt anyone say anything? I dont understand why they would have a few series still going if it was that bad...
  14. whats the twitch chat name? I wanna get in there! Twitch Username - BaDNeWsssss
  15. https://twitter.com/LxthuL just scroll down a bit and you'll see it.
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