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  1. Unrelated but Bungie used the exact same analogy when discussing the Halo Reach engine (basically saying how every time a new Halo game is being made, the engine is reworked to support better graphics, more guns, scripts, modes, etc. The engine is not brand new, but heavily modified.) in one of their Bungie Weekly Updates. Pretty funny considering that's what most people consider Halo's downfall.
  2. I never understood the love for Reach. People will tell me no sprint no bloom was good but to me it's the game that ruined Halo. Granted I never actually tried no sprint no bloom Reach, I was long gone before then. With that said I'm super excited for the Halo 3 revival. Been playing customs the past few days and it feels like 2009 again
  3. Do people actually think T2 was serious with what he said about the body shooting? I took it as a tongue in cheek comment.
  4. Why is it that the audio is always mirrored during a Halo tournament? Minor issue compared to everything else but still, ugh.
  5. Agreed, I'm really enjoying it. However, is the audio not reversed for you (left is right, right is left)? Maybe it's on my end...
  6. You think Towey would give the seed to Devon and Contra? Oh boy
  7. Yeah idk bout you guys but I'd much rather watch INC vs EG than Optic vs AM team
  8. I'm a bit late but wow what an event. The matches, the production, the casters. Loved it all and it got me so pumped to play Halo again (haven't played since July) so there's that. Congrats to nV and here's to 2017!
  9. The pros of having shit internet! Forced to watch every stream on high quality rather than source so everything is always 30fps
  10. Spartan on Halo 5 and radar https://clips.twitch.tv/spartanthedogg/CooperativeDolphinMingLee
  11. nV was blocking outside, you saw Pistola out there literally all game. Optic didn't, apparently.
  12. I could be remembering wrong, but didn't @@Dave_Easily look to send four players to one of these LAN events? He might have already found the players but if not, maybe he could help you guys out. It would suck to see you guys miss this one out. I'm just spitballing ideas. Sorry if I'm mistaken @@Dave_Easily :bman:
  13. I'm too lazy to find the source but I'm pretty sure Bravo said that they first saw the Vetoed skins back in like March or May and that they immediately got to work. They were released in September. Pretty ridiculous how long it's taking them to create some weapon skins, honestly, and they didn't have to go through an org to make sure what they are releasing is fine. If HCS Skins series 2 started production after series 1 was out we're probably a few months out of a release.
  14. This. There's no way they don't do anything at all for Halo 3's anniversary so it's either H3A or a bunch of H5 DLC. But can they start charging for DLC after 2 years of free DLC? I mean, people would most likely still pay, but it'd make more sense to release a stand alone Halo 3 Anniversary.
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