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  1. I saw Sentinels scrim Optic and Faze, and I think SSG, multiple times coming into this weekend so blaming it on not enough practice seems a bit misleading imo. I understand the issues they've expressed with teams not wanting to scrim them though. I might be talking out of my ass right now but I'm pretty sure top teams in Valorant etc don't even scrim each other and instead they usually scrim teams like a tier below them? Obviously games like Valorant and CS:GO are more tactic based with different executions (and so you don't want to give those strats away) but surely it would be beneficial for Sentinels to scrim against a team like G1, G2 or PioneersGG if eUnited and C9 refuse? I also have to agree with this. Deciding to not scrim a team should not be considered scummy. Like, for example, it would make a lot of sense if C9 and Optic decide to not scrim each other now. Why help the other?
  2. You can see all your challenges in the order that they will show up if you go to the challenge menu and press Y on controller or R on keyboard. Using your swaps just rerolls that one specific challenge to a completely new one and doesn't give you the next one in your stack.
  3. The constant complaining is fucking exhausting. Can you guys keep that in the Infinite thread with the rest and let this stay HCS related?
  4. There's also the Halo 3 twitch rivals tournament happening this weekend which might get some people excited for Halo that they could take advantage of. Or maybe that's just hopeful thinking. I have no idea what numbers the last one pulled honestly
  5. This sounds incredible. I want it
  6. I hate SBMM (outside of ranked obviously) with a passion and I'm a firm believer in that it should not exist at all in social playlists. SBMM just creates smurfing and with Infinite being free to play there's nothing for 343/MS to gain from it.
  7. BP tiers are unlocked with EXP which you can only get from challenges (just like in the flights). Did you guys miss the outrage over that decision?
  8. We're in for one hell of a treat if Live Fire is the first example of a Forge map. Unfortunately I very much doubt that it is.
  9. Streets looks awful and I'm glad to see a lot of people hate clamber. Hate that shit with a passion Also just to clarify- I think Streets looks aesthetically awful. Maybe Strongholds or Ball will work from a gameplay PoV, as Apoll0 pointed out. Not holding my breath though.
  10. I personally don't disagree with this since that would be how Halo 3 did it. Maybe I'm looking at it with rose tinted glasses and I can understand the argument that it splits the community etc, but why is that a bad thing. Why does everyone have to play on the same settings? You'll never be able to please both sides at the same time. I could remember this wrong but I was never a fan of how 343 did it in Halo 5 where the HCS settings were the ranked settings. Instead there should definitely be a ranked Team Slayer playlist with warthogs, ghosts, spartan lasers, radar and the likes for the people who likes that sort of stuff. But remove all that random stuff in the HCS playlist (aka the MLG playlist).
  11. Hey, fair enough. I just remember seeing a post in here the other day asking if 343 were gonna introduce the Banished or if they were just assuming people knew them from Halo Wars 2 etc. I suppose the new video doesn't really explain it all too well but maybe it's the first in a series, who knows.
  12. I'm surprised no one linked this video yet I also saw some post on reddit which linked a cutscene from Halo Wars 2. They should in all honesty just run this cutscene (from like 1:00 to 4:00) as part of their marketing because wow
  13. I will never understand people that complain about cosmetic microtransactions. I get complaining about loot boxes like in FIFA and CS:GO when that's just gambling. Even shark cards in GTA are, imo, a bit in the gray zone since you pay to gain an advantage. But simply for cosmetic stuff like weapon skins, gun charms, player skins etc like in Fortnite, Apex, Valorant, Halo Infinite come December, they don't bother me at all personally.
  14. This is true for plasma grenades (and probably spike grenades) but for frag grenades there's even a medal for shooting them out of player's hands in Infinite. Idk how big the FC6 map is but I reckon the campaign map in Infinite will be the same map used in the inevitable battle royale. It also, unfortunately, wouldn't surprise me if the map was designed for battle royale in mind first and then someone came up with the brilliant idea of making the game open world and just reusing the map.
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