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  1. I have always strafed side to side with my thumbstick but recently someone told me to drag it along to bottom part of the thumbstick.. Its hard to explain but i hope you get what im saying. So what do you guys think is the best way to strafe?
  2. What up guys, Im just getting back into competitive Halo. Im slowly and surely getting better, I may not be the best now so here is where you guys come into play. Im looking for people who can play with me and help me get better and possibly team with. Im a easy going guy, I can be a rager sometimes but im easy to get along with and i can really adapt to anyones play style. I AM able to go to events later when i feel like i have a legit chance to do good. I am set on going Pro or even semi pro this year so i am dedicated and ready to get better. Add me: SeaHutchz Peace -Logan
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