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  1. Where is the Bravo messiah pic?
  2. 1) Midship 2) Midship 3) Midship 4) Midship 5) Midship 6) Midship Do we really need anything else?
  3. Most likely the gametypes and fileshare for Halo 4 on Xbox One is the same so Promod can exist in H4. Megalo only exists for Reach and H4 so going back to other games will not be possible. As for Halo 5, there is no word yet on if mods will be possible. Surely editing saves on Xbox One will just be a matter of time once the external HDD update comes out. From there it just depends on how much things are changed for next gen Halo but with Megalo being as powerful as it is, I dont see them abandoning it.
  4. Your contributions to the community are appreciated.
  5. You seem to have a misconception of gametype mods and the implications of getting banned. Practically all the people left playing customs run modded lobbies these days. Over at halocustoms.com people are always playing Clue and now they are playing Invasion. The only person that runs the risk of getting banned is the person that hosts the files on their fileshare and there are very simple measures to circumvent that.
  6. At this point we all realize that IG is too far gone and cannot be saved. They make that very clear. My suggestion was geared towards people disappointed in IG(everyone) and looking for something worthwhile to satisfy that competitive itch.
  7. Like I said in my post that was inexplicably deleted, if you want competitive play Promod. All the bitching and complaining about non competitive gametypes, sprint destroying the game and politics running the show. You want classic, no holds bar, arena Halo that's the best you'll get on the 360.
  8. Halo 5 comes out u think our problems will be solved?
  9. I think that the best way to do the multiplayer for this would be to have it be base Halo 2 multiplayer and just have all the maps from the Halo 2 and 3 in there. The newer versions of the same maps would be used so most of the H1 maps would be unnecessary.
  10. While this is most likely true I really hate the supposed name. Master Chief Collection.... Really??? Master Chief is the main character and he is so iconic it is a waste to name it after him especially if we will be following him around for another decade, Halo: Legacy is a much cooler name. But fuck, really, Master Chief Collection is such a stupid name. Fan made box art: Also lets not forget that this thing exists:
  11. Halo 4 is when the story turned to be more fantasy than science fiction. Also I loved Halo 2's open exploration by escaping maps and looking for skulls and other Easter eggs that were really buried way out of the maps. Scarab gun anyone? Hell, I remember the blind skull on outskirts and then climbing the rooftops and navigating the invisible barriers to rally point alpha. Lets not forget the Energy Sword that was placed up on one of those buildings. It also helped that Halo 2 had the most diverse environments of all the Halo games so it was enjoyable to explore and refreshing change of pace compared to Halo 4's doom and gloom forerunner facilities. Its been 10 years and I just learned that there is more than 1 scarab gun on outskirts..... WOW! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQI9pAtyHOo In comparison here is what 343 considers easter eggs:
  12. In my observations, since it can influence over range, it may seem strong but really is not so. The same with how the enemy influence is large and gradually drops off yet is still strong enough to force perimeter spawning. LoS is low weighing but enough to influence a spawn. In any case we can agree that LoS influence messes things up.
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