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  1. Kek, I've already seen this all over the internet.
  2. I haven't read anything, and I think the 343 dude is already long gone for now.
  3. Even if players go in as a team of four, this can't be abused that much because the first two players still get punished and all four still get a loss. Is what I was replying to. It's easy to abuse. I think YOU need to reread what I wrote, and what was quoted. They get a loss, but could easily get away with the 'forfeit' part of it. I think you need to get over yourself and stop trying to attack my comments. I'm not going to insult you, seeing as how that's how I was banned last time, but..... I'm sure you can imagine what I would say.
  4. Yes, I'm totally lying. I've been here less than a week, and banned for 4 of those days. :rolleyes:
  5. I don't know who you are, rofl. I'm not going to assume anything. This is the internet.
  6. It's the internet, are you sure it's a girl?
  7. Unfortunately, they would just have the opposite people quit each time, depending on the amount of quittings needed to impose a ban. They could just 'unplug' their connection. Make a new account with a 14 day pass, etc. Would be abused pretty quick.
  8. Yes, and I can comment on misinformation, seeing as how this is a forum. And making posts is... sort of the point.
  9. Promoting the use of prescription narcotics? Really? That's sad.
  10. No. Misinformation is misinformation. I'm not going to sit idly by while this dude spreads shit that isn't right.
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