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  1. Smash players didnt go back because the new game wasnt as good as the old, they went back because Meta-Knight is the only character you can play if you want to win tournaments, making streams/tournaments repetitive and boring. Also their competitive scene is much larger than ours. I believe they got the most views at last years EVO. This allows them to play older games and still get enough views to make the tournaments organizers a profit. When Ogre 2 streams H1, which he does pretty often nowadays, im not sure ive seen him get over 200 viewers.
  2. The Halo 1 and 2 players will go back to MCC, everyone else will move on to different games. I highly doubt the amount of people who stick around for H1 and 2 will be enough to be picked up by any consistent tournaments.
  3. Isnt Brawl the one with Meta-Knight? The character so broken he may as well be the only character in the game. I could be mistaken as i dont follow Smash.
  4. Yes, our community voted for H2, our community isnt all that matters though. If we go back to H1 or H2, how many viewers do you really expect to get? Before H5 comes out i see them doing well, after that not so much. We will get the oldschool players back but no new viewers that we need to keep the tournaments coming. This happens all the time in the fighting game community. Every once in a while theyll hold tournaments for the older, better games and get much less viewers than the new, worse games. I doubt the competitive scene will play H5 over the older games unless H5 is anything but perfect and theres money in it. I also doubt H1 and 2 will get many views. If Halo 5 isnt perfect, competitive Halo might be done for... at least for a while longer.
  5. Spawn system Weapon times Positioning/movement
  6. Cant we wait to talk about them until we know more than the fact that they exist?
  7. Ogre1 is my favorite because my playstyle is similiar to his, his aim is just much better. after that its Ogre2, Neighbor and Cloud.
  8. Nothing to do with H2 being a better game, just goin on about popularity. Dual wielding takes away skill and is basically useless seeing as how the br, sniper, rockets, sword, shotgun and noob combo are all insanely OP. The only H2 maps that were good are Sanctuary, Midship, Beaver Creek and Warlock. Half of those are H1 remakes. H2 weapon glitches are far from balanced and arent as hard as everyone says they are. If you get down bxr and double shot you get a huge advantage over people who dont, which shouldnt be the case in an FPS. In H1, you master all the glitches and you get to go camo a bit faster and win rare melee battles. This is my main problem with this community. Too many people only remember the good times of past games and forget the bad, claiming the game is the pinnacle of human creation. I didnt learn about competitive gaming until late H2, and didnt learn what made games fair and balanced til a few years later. So when i say H1 is the best Halo, its not nostalgia driven madness. I basically looked at the multiplayer aspect like it was a new game and was blown away by how good it is. Edit: its the same with fighting games. The games i play/watch are Ultra Street Fighter IV and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, also the most popular games in the world and USA respectively. But to call either of these games more skill based or balanced than King of Fighters 13 is an insult. In respone to the TC, for me it comes down to three things. 1. Weapon/powerup balance. No weapon is op or useless (except needler) 2. Map design and weapon timing. Because of how often items spawn you have to be constantly moving around the map 3. Having more game knowledge (button glitches, quick camo, nading weapons to yourself) doesnt give you an insane advantage like in H2.
  9. Mine was actually because of you Nick you scumbag. H3 Narrows CTF the game was tied and both teams had each others flag. Our teammate running flag died our lobby, i go to get the touch but theres a guy in our attic who im about to get the easy klll on to keep the flag alive...The i hear Nick on death cam watching me who says "YOU GOTTA WIN THAT!!!" so i start choking, get outed and he returns the flag and we lose.
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