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  1. I'm excited. Sprint, clamber, and slide so far? Grapple confirmed pickup in mp. Pretty good start, not what I want but I'll take it.
  2. 60fps on new consoles should be default. Can't wait for cyberpunk, looks incredible.
  3. Cod runs pretty bad too. Can't wait for series x lol
  4. I'm familiar, thanks. So what if they couldn't hit consistent frame rates and had to scale back graphics. I'm fine with a more simplistic style, hbu?
  5. Exactly. Like it sucks infinite doesn't look as good as I want. But this site preaches gameplay, gameplay, gameplay. Now its graphics, graphics, graphics. What's more important?
  6. How many open world games are 60fps on xbox one? A weak ass gpu that was weak in 2013, a god awful cpu, slow ass ram. Of course a 30fps open world game will look better than 60 fps open world. Split screen isn't but you're still rendering another screen.
  7. So my xbox one s can barely run mcc on splitscreen but you expect it to run infinite on split screen
  8. People out here expecting a 60fps, open world, split screen compatible, crossgen title to have jaw dropping visuals. Hahaha 🙄
  9. So a discussion about Projectile BR. How would you think it would perform with modern netcode, and dedicated servers? I'm a fan of projectile over hitscan. H2 BR with hitscan was fine, but H2A BR with hitscan is insanely strong.
  10. I don't think that's it. Halo infinite will get every ounce of marketing they have, plus it's launching day 1 on next gen consoles. A big chunk of players will have be playing. I don't think sales will be impacted based on what they show, in regards to classic vs new.
  11. So for the past 5 or so years. I've really wanted a smoke grenade added to Halo. How would y'all feel about it?
  12. I've been playing today, and I feel like my shots aren't working most of the time.
  13. Yes, a lot of the guys who were strong advocates for sprint, warzone, etc are all gone now. Chris Lee is now the lead, and he has potential. Tom French the former head of forge is now leading multiplayer, he's a big advocate for fan feedback. I have faith in their upper management, this time around.
  14. They could make a psuedo open world, and just unlock huge sections every 4 or so missions. That way the narrative can still be consistent and told in a certain order
  15. Being a fan is having the ability to critique the game in a negative and positive spotlight.
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