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  1. So for the past 5 or so years. I've really wanted a smoke grenade added to Halo. How would y'all feel about it?
  2. I've been playing today, and I feel like my shots aren't working most of the time.
  3. Yes, a lot of the guys who were strong advocates for sprint, warzone, etc are all gone now. Chris Lee is now the lead, and he has potential. Tom French the former head of forge is now leading multiplayer, he's a big advocate for fan feedback. I have faith in their upper management, this time around.
  4. They could make a psuedo open world, and just unlock huge sections every 4 or so missions. That way the narrative can still be consistent and told in a certain order
  5. Being a fan is having the ability to critique the game in a negative and positive spotlight.
  6. The point still stands, it was enough to help xbox outsell ps4 consoles in October 2015, and considering the giant mismatch between the two, ps4 crushing xbox, except halo month. Halo is still the biggest regardless of the misleading numbers.
  7. Yes, by far. Halo brings in the most money, even the worst halo game doubles 2nd place. H5 made 400 million at launch. I dont think any other exclusive series matches halo money.
  8. Just saying guys, don't expect halo infinite trailers and the such til E3 2019 at the earliest. It's Xbox's biggest game, it won't premiere at anything but a console reveal or e3.
  9. I personally like it, but we need better rewards.
  10. Brian Reed is gone so my hopes are high. I know it's a group effort, but you still have a lead . He's gone so maybe halo will not suck this time.
  11. You can tell difference with every game except maybe 4. H3 on the recent flight felt like old h3
  12. Marty has his own studio anyways. The new music guy is pretty great imo.
  13. Whats the radar settings in team arena? Is it normal range with only spartan abilities showing up?
  14. The group fixing mcc will solely be working on the mcc.

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