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  1. I still don't understand how $500,000 is on the line and it's being seeded through an online qualifier, where you can join in progress. GG 343. Too much stupid shit to out weigh the good since the beginning with them.
  2. No, you said "I like the footsteps." Without ever mentioning their sound and/or provided no logical argument to support yourself. Hell, being that vague might get you hired at Virgin Gaming or 343.
  3. Saucey, we're not debating footsteps themselves, but how loud of a noise they should make. People just type words to type words.
  4. It's more original than 90% of logos on here. Whutever.
  5. Halo 2. My neighbor and I played with OGRE 1 and OGRE 2 in FFAs. I was like 12 and I remember we were trying sooo hard lol.
  6. idk if you guys can see that or not. It was my high school's logo, a Timberwolf. Change the color scheme and it could be sick. Oh, and remove the "C" lol.
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