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  1. I'm back for two days! trying to save halo, One Tweet at a time. I messaged Bonnie Ross about twitch streaming with Kinect and not being able to switch the camera location from blocking the score, https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/e0d9938206f04a598ce84f2c8cadce02/topics/using-kinect-during-a-halo-5-broadcast-on-xbox-one/09c3a2d5-14b4-4df1-875f-e26e00046cca/posts she responded and thanked me for letting her know. Yesterday it has seemed to be fixed. i can change my cam location, There are some problems with HCS playlist That I addressed with Josh Menke - I appreciate how open he is with us, at least he responds and has a answer, @@Vetoed and @@Mikwen added their two cents and helped give some feedback causing the following tweet https://twitter.com/joshua_menke/status/951991928001671168
  2. Playing in the 2v2 today for fun and streaming as well if you want to support I have 3 weeks left of chemo and then ill find out whats going to happen next http://twitch.tv/suddoth2

    Fxck Cancer

    playing for fun
  4. I've had a rough 2016 so far. Diagnosed with Testicular Cancer Jan 20th, I had surgery to remove it. was out of work for 6 weeks. Things looked hopeful that it was gone for good. June 6th while on vacation I had severe pain on my birthday, Went to the Dr. They thought I had a urinary track infection. after 3 days of taking medication, which didn't help with the pain and getting no sleep, I decided to go to the E.R. on thursday, They did a CT scan and found a new Mass 4x4x7cm Blocking my Kidney flow, I was transferred to the Nashville Hospital where I had surgery to insert a stint to relieve the pain and clear the flow of my kidney. Today I visited the Oncologist. Found out ill be out of work for 5-6 months, The Reason I Posted Links to my tweets is because I am so thankful for all the support you guys have given me over the past few months. I've always loved halo and competing at a competitive level since 2009. I have made many friends and haters. I've grown up and learned to grow with Support and the experiences. I probably wont be competing any longer this year, My Chemo is scheduled to end in November/December. I wont be able to compete due to my busy schedule & my brother not being able to get off work for tournaments every weekend. You could call this a early Departure But I plan to keep gaming for fun/ Maybe competitively next year. All is determined about my health and drive to Win again. Right Now I am focusing on Living Life and Beating Cancer, Being Happy and Enjoying the Little Things, I would Love to start my Youtube Channel back Up if I get a chance/free time. so please Subscribe http://youtube.com/suddothmediaHD Thanks guys just giving you an update on the Situation
  5. Not making the Excuse but you know its bad when 4 west coast players with host play 4 on the east coast. its frustrating, dedicated servers still are in the similar situation if the server is once sided. in h2a we had to play eX every weekend and the teams were pretty even but the host killed us. I don't understand why we cant manually choose a server at least for tournaments.
  6. they gave us basically a week to request off work. what world do you live in where you can request off that quickly, LANs would get more viewers/players if they payed out top 16 like UGC did. Actually one the the more successful events. even AGL pulled more numbers at times. Also of they would announce Lans a month before the season starts maybe people could request off for them and actually save up money to attend them. "and 80% of the teams attending don't have a real shot at making the money anyways. " because the same top teams play each other every week and look at optic last season. they were the 16th seed having to play CLG or EG every week in a single elim tournament. and they lost. I know they were better then 16th seed and better then a few other teams above them but since they bracket and single elim is a Joke they couldnt advance and had to break up and play in the LCQ Also 0 top 4 placings? Ive placed top 8 & 6 in halo reach, Halo 4/ & h2a. you just cant accept that. Should probably look at who we beat that event and where they are now btw
  7. Can we get a Challenger Series Thread separately?. Also Reality Check won't Be attending the Cup this weekend, We had our 4th (RealisedG) left and Idk what Sneaky Bran is doing but Im going on vacation from june 2nd- june 14th to visit family in Nashville for my birthday. Suddoth 1 Also works Saturdays but has off sundays so He wont be able to play unless we are top 8 and get a bye into Sunday. This timing really sucks because this weekend you have to play Friday to seed, saturday and sunday, Not to mention its still single Elimination. which sucks if you have a bad seed or play someone decent early. especially best of 3 gametypes. its such a joke. anyone with a life and job cant afford to take off work every weekend unless their job does't care or they work m-f. seriously If 343 wants more people to play in their league they need change because i feel like its been the same joke for the past 3 years. Now we dont even have LAN events unless your top 8. and "qualify" to attend LAN events. I perform better on LAN. I suck online. especially with these un-consistent dedicated servers and playing west coast players being on the east coast is horrible. RANT OUT. have fun this weekend everyone. ill be in touch.
  8. Well Looks like we have our top 8 Pro teams in the Pro league, Time to start updating these (Pro Player) forum titles Disclaimer: I'm not saying im a halo 5 pro thx. im just a (member)
  9. I really don't ask for many favors but Ill be streaming Tonight trying to help raise some money to pay for some cancer bills that have added up. When I was out of work for almost 4 weeks bills were already tight, I had to stay in bed for two weeks to recover and then I took the next two weeks very slow. I took almost two months off gaming to recover, I was pretty depressed at first having to pay for the surgery out of pocket which I had to max out my credit card, insurance only covered so much and my deductible was very high. I lost most of my subs down to about 15 now. Which helped out a little every month when i was gaming hard for the HCS. I have talked to Ninja and he has agreed to Play me 1v1 in Halo 5 Tonight, Hes one of my good friends and I've always enjoyed Playing Him 1v1 even when he shits on me most of the time. I'm not even a 1v1 player I just enjoy being competitive. Its fun and I know the Fans enjoy the series/streams. If you guys could Tune in and Help support the stream, Even if your not able to Donate or Subscribe at least RT the stream and Support me Thanks, #RcNation https://twitter.com/SUDDOTH2/status/726556618221981697
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