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  1. Ok so I did not vote in this because I wasn't aware this vote existed because I'm too busy playing other games like 95% of the active H2/3 players because of sprint. They don't realise this vote was for active Halo players, not the people who have quit since Reach like myself and quite frankly the majority
  2. People have jobs and family... Theyre not gonna leave there homes to go to a location to make a game which is already like 50% done elsewhere -.-
  3. Its difficult but Kampy's Halo Reach Montage 2 or Phurion's final Halo 3 Montage, no other montages can compare clip wise
  4. If you veto in doubles it can't switch to OBJ, OBJ can only be a first option, i do agree about BRs in OBJ though
  5. Why would I lie? It happens we versed 3 different modders in dubs in one weekend a couple of weeks back since then I havent seen many but they are around, and yes DDosing is like 1 in 10 matches of dubs maybe less
  6. More people need to start playing XBC I'm from UK but I don't mind US host as long as I don't have to play Columbian/Mexican host
  7. Stop asking for non DLC playlists you can buy the ODST game for like $5
  8. If you haven't seen this its a must, Grenades were so much more useful in past Halos and I think, although they were decent, the H4 nades were a weak point. I know it doesn't really affect competitive Halo but one of my sole hates in all playlists outside Throwdown is getting stuck, the fact you can spawn with plasmas is a joke, I've rage quit so many times after having guys one shot and them just pressing LT and killing me luckily, it was the cause of my first loss in the GC playlist and is an easy fix, please put plasmas back on map 343
  9. The playlists are fine, DLC has to be required for Ranked IMO, especially for dubs, dubs without Heretic, Blackout, Citadel, Assembly and Foundry would be horrible, but the single most important thing 343 needs to do is REMOVE THE MODDERS couldn't care less about new playlists, just sick of people with aimbot and the ability to fly -.-
  10. No Kampy, Phruion or Dutchy? You guys are crazy. Best montages in no order: Phurion Final Halo 3 Montage Kampys Halo Reach montage 2 Kampy Apex Dutchys Halo 3 montage 2 Fragtality and Sticktality: Dualtality Active and Xampl final Halo 3 montage Phurion Into the Trance Halo 2 Vertical Limit 2 (goat trick jumping montage IMO)
  11. Halo 3 being so low makes no sense at all, best selling Halo, most played online and better Campaign than 4 and Reach, (arguably better than 2's also), it appealed to all ages and categories of players and had some of the best multiplayer maps of all time yet its #68, ew.
  12. So you're saying skill does transition across Halo games? If you're questioning Snakebite watch his most recent youtube video, he wants to win.
  13. Heinz isn't F/A, Snakebites the perfect addition IMO, plays a ton like Legit and if you check out his latest YouTube video he says he's gonna be playing 6-8 hours a day and only wants to win, he's selfless and a crazy good slayer to have this team will be strong
  14. Formal is still playing Halo as well, he's not stupid, he can still make money from it without having to play much and Ambush won't drop him because he's too good, I think if Ogre 2 comes back he'll form his own team and try to get Ola to leave Ambush. As for BtH I can't see that happening at all, Snakebite is switching, Assault couldn't even motivate to play in the GC despite being a top 10 FFA player and I think Cloud will want a top 3/4 for once and so will probably also leave
  15. Makes sense for the H4 aspect due to low populations, but a rejuvenated H5 surely should have more?
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