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  1. Yeah man! I was actually staff around here for a while, but I was inactive for a long while after MCC ruined my life. I've been a Halo player since pre-patch Halo 2. It used to be my favorite series. Not so much anymore.
  2. This is how I felt about it. I played it for a few days & said, well that was enough of that. I'm just waiting for Fallout 4 to come out tonight.
  3. Yeah, the Halo subreddit is unusable right now. The people complaining aren't even the issue. It's the white knight, nothing is wrong, everything is fine, people that are killing it. Honeymoon phase is always a fun time.
  4. There are very few people's opinions I not only admire (even if I disagree), but seek out, regarding Halo, and Lemon is the near the top. I seriously lurk sometimes just to see if he adds anything to a discussion. Not related, but I can't stand Breakout. I feel this is like when 343 tried to push Ricochet.
  5. I just caved & bought this game. Hopefully I don't give up on it in under 2 hours like Halo 4.
  6. It was too good to be true. It was always too good to be true.
  7. @@VODE It was satire from CM Punk's pipebomb promo, which I guess since I'm a staff really wasn't the best thing to post -- apologize for that one. I really don't care what 343 does or who they hire or when they do things. That shipped sailed a while back. I'm just here so I won't be fined.
  8. I think we're at a point where we need ANYONE streaming or making content. Go support other guys, man. I'm not saying go suck HaloFollower's dick, but look around & find people. I can't stand that I only see pros getting support when they put little to zero effort into anything that they do. From the outside looking in, nobody wants to start producing content b/c the only people the Halo community gets behind in stream numbers are the pros even if another person is 100x more entertaining. If you go out & can't find anyone else, that's fine. Just give others a chance & maybe with your support they can grow, and we can stop worrying about pros, who don't give 2 shits, streaming or not.
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