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  1. 491 Promethean Kills 290 Shoulder Charges 975 Ground Vehicle kills Can you taste it?
  2. It appears to give you kills with the weapon instead.
  3. When was the last time you played it? They reduced the amount of XP it took to hit max rank quite some time ago. I remember because that was one of the last achievements I needed and I just logged on, played one game and it gave it to me.
  4. I feel sprint doesn't really bring anything new to the table this time around, it's something we've seen several times before and really hasn't changed. They just changed the map designs around it. So I don't see it as good or bad. Slide however is new, and an ability I quit enjoy. It has plenty of utility, both offensive and defensive, as well as jusy for mobility purposes.
  5. HCE Health packs - 80 Invincible vehicles - 65 H2 Dual wielding - 70 H3 Equipment - 85 Reach Bloom - 90 Jetpack - 100 Armour lock - 65 Sprint - 85 H4 Loudouts - 80 Flinch - 75 Ordiance - 100 Sprint - 85 Unlockable abilities - 95 H5 Ground pound - 20 Slide - 25 Thruster - 50 Sprint - 50 Stabaliser-50 Clamber - 50 Shoulder Charge - 85 I'm definitely going to catch flak for remaining neutral on a lot of things in H5. Personally I feel the negative effects of sprint and other abilities are somewhat neutralized when the maps were designed to accommodate them. Which was not the case in previous iterations of the franchise that had these features.
  6. My guess is slide is dependant on sprinting and therefor just as bad.
  7. So are you Beyond Question? Willerz of Oz is not in the company, but I Mr Kc I is. I'm assuming this is the match in question. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/mode/arena/matches/656e6f87-4654-4bc1-8d0a-f1ade3c8f5fa/players/i%20mr%20kc%20i?gameHistoryMatchIndex=3&gameHistoryGameModeFilter=Arena
  8. Get the infinite ammo chaingun, boost them vehicle kills all day.
  9. 78 vehicle kills so far this morning. Gungoose is broken. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Hot%20Juicy%20Pie/video/15201528
  10. 26 Assassinations 771 Promethean Kills 440 Spartan Charges 1,434 Vehicle kills Time to spend my day farming
  11. Got tomorrow off, gonna see if I can grind out a couple hundred vehicle kills on my own.
  12. lmao the lock on is riddiculous, especially when it follows people who are on higher ground and you magically fucking levitate in the air.
  13. Pretty sure it's a little more complicated than 30+30.
  14. Apparently I'm rookie basic and need to buy the req bundle I've already purchased.
  15. Oh absolutely. If it's anything other than just endless wave slaughter, it will be trash. I don't want to play capture base territories with AI opponents.
  16. I like the concept of 12 man Warzone firefight honestly. Sure, it wont be the same, but they can also use the large player count to throw a shitload of enemies and bosses at you all at the same time. I think that would be fun. One thing about previous firefights that kind of grew stale for me was that it was just wave after wave of the same class enemies most of the time. The only way to amp up difficulty was to turn on skulls. I remain optimistic about it.
  17. Are you honestly defending the AR or any auto for that reason?
  18. 59 Assassinations 1,095 Promethean kills 514 Shoulder Charges 1,787 Ground Vehicle kills

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