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  1. That was the only reason I recorded it, I was like WTF how?
  2. Grinding Charges? Nowai. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Hot%20Juicy%20Pie/video/15302784
  3. I personally kicked hard to the finish as soon as I saw, and was constantly refreshing to see if I was still in after each match up till 3am last night. I'm fairly new on the forums myself.
  4. No offense to @@Cooper , I would have slowed down until we heard something, but I'm still fairly new around these forums. And my opinions differ than those of some of the more vetted members. My position wasn't exactly secured, so I wanted to push as hard as I could to get it before I might have ended up on the chopping block.
  5. lol someone got the armor and then dipped from the company.
  6. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Hot%20Juicy%20Pie/video/15291957 Look how fucking far I charged that guy at the end.
  7. So I just locked on charged someone from what seemed like a football field length away.
  8. Swatnums on torque and I'm chasing behind people the entire length of the map for a charge. The thirst is real.
  9. Absolutely tanking my kd in swat to get these last charge kills
  10. Mega Legendary Mythic acquired only by spending $500+ on REQ packs.
  11. Gold packs only yield uncommon to Legendary, so no you wont.
  12. My idea might not be the best, hell, it was hardly thought out. Just something I spit balled off the top of my head. But at least it isn't one sided.
  13. As opposed to your idea saying "fuck everything casual, no radar for anyone." Because the population is thriving enough to alienate the player base further. /s
  14. With no actual "social" playlists it needs to cater to both sides of the coin. The more competitive players will rise to the top and get matches the way they want while people in bronze and silver can still splash around in the kiddie pool.
  15. Make it so once you hit onyx rank and above matches are played without radar as well.
  16. The 3 remaining commendations are neck and neck. Who's gonna win?
  17. @Infinty I see lots of spots opening up. Booting the inactive before we get the armor?
  18. The company as a whole already has 105,355 games completed though.
  19. The funny thing is, unless your reputation tanks, you're good to go. And it's based on frequency of reports, not amount. So if you play farm games and only 3-4 of the 24 people actually report you, you're golden. The entire system is a joke honestly. Case in point: I was banned recently this summer for having a modded 360, almost 8 years after the fact. Took them that long to do anything about it, my punishment, a gamerscore wipe and a perm ban which i appea led and won the same day. Even funnier still, I'm allowed to be in the ambassador program and currently active in the enforcement team that passes judgements on others. Irony? I don't think I'm using thay right.

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