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  1. Halo CE was my gateway. It was a quick addiction, fun, playful. Halo 2 was my sweet cocaine, a high I'll never forget. Halo 3 was my crack, not nearly as good. Halo Reach was me giving BJs in the back alley and hating myself for said crack. Halo 4 was rehab where I finally said fuck it and walked away from the franchise for a while. Halo 5 is like acid, and although I both enjoy and fear it, I have no idea what the fuck is going on half of the time.
  2. So MLG you bought the MLG gamer pic pack 9 years ago and still have it as your default?
  3. Oh man, you don't even want to see my credit card statements from November-December then.
  4. The beauty of it now is we are once again at a point where everyone can play how they want and it will contribute in one category or another.
  5. INB4 "To avoid strenuous farming, commendation progression has been disabled in Warzone Firefight."
  6. FIREFIGHT SON #ITSHAPPENING And no, before anyone asks, I will not be doing daily updates on that shit... That took too damn long. Maybe when we knock out several more through natural play.
  7. Alright guys... only need 43,457 Ground Vehicle Kills 43,398 Promethean Kills 14,420 Spartan Charge Kills 281,918 Headshots 7,174 Assassinations 4,474 Kills from the Grave 3,574 Cluster Luck, Last Shot, Syonara, or Fastball medals 6,591 Splatters 322,123 Standard Weapon Kills 4,040 Ground Pound Kills 22,055 Close Call Kills 3,523 Longshot Kills 6,727 Triple Kills+ 15,526 Enemy Vehicles Destroyed 25,445 Covenant Kills 281,025 Enemy Spartan Kills 12,412 Boss Kills/Assists 15,833 Teammate Protection Kills 9,124 First Strikes 1,254 Sniper Headshots on Moving Vehicles 48,047 Marine Kills 22,539 Reversals 55,624 Melee Kills 4,267 Sniper Style Kills 43,470 Grenade Kills 496 Hijacks Denied 288 Air Vehicle Kills 2,018 Vehicles Hijacked 99,095 Power Weapon Kills ...until we get the Helmet! #WorldFirst Fuck that noise. I'm taking a day or two to play how I want to play...
  8. Right trigger or w/e you're firing button is to pass.
  9. At this point I just want them to replace the retrieving data screen with Garrus from ME.
  10. It's weird that the REQ 5 camo actually makes you completely invisible at a full walk, whereas other camos I have to walk at half tilt or crouch like you said.
  11. Nah it would show the banned avatar over his posts if he did. He's probably just off furiously masturbating.
  12. Oh I know I got it. I just wanted to see what it was. Then gg image load error. Cock blocked. REQ checked.
  13. Wanted to see what the season 2 emblem was and opened my pack at work... GGWP
  14. Has anyone not opened their Achilles pack yet? If so, can you record a video of it and send it to me? I want to make a video of it coming out of a gold pack and troll the shit out of Waypoint.
  15. Oh man, I can throw a grenade out of the map? New Meta. I'd be more upset if it bounced back off of nothing into my face.
  16. Rumor has it when you wear the full set, your headshot hitbox is moved to your feet. Because 343i.
  17. What do REQ points matter to these farmers when they are all 130+ and have everything unlocked already?
  18. They retaliate with "Halo 6 teaser trailer: Master Chief gunned down by grunts because he couldn't run fast enough."
  19. Not like the other candidates are worth a shit either. So if you're going to vote for evil, you might as well go with the Devil himself.
  20. I'm fairly certain there isn't a list of people who have recently joined. Since @@Moa didn't do the initial purge and bolster, he might have booted someone else wrongfully.
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