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  1. Nah I haven't, I've just seen videos. Those just aren't my kind of games. Skyrim is overrated. Please form a single file line to fite me.
  2. If I wanted to die endlessly and get frustrated with a game, I'd solo queue warzone and save $60.
  3. But then they could call it the April Fools update.
  4. And people will probably pay hand over fist for it too since they've already invested so much time into the game. Maybe? I mean they've definitely been talking about it more than any of the other updates lately.
  5. I have yet to try Fiesta. Do you only spawn with arena sandbox weapons or can you get the crazy warzone variants too?
  6. It still bears weight on their reputation. Unsporting, Cheating, and Quitting are all grouped together under the same category as far as the automated end of the Enforcement system is concerned.
  7. Just report them, seriously. Fun fact: You can report people without ever playing them simply by pulling up their gamertags. Even if action isn't immediately taken, enough reports in a given amount of time will tank a persons reputation and they will be put into low priority matchmaking. Another fun fact: Halo 5 currently doesn't support the low priority system. Hence why you see people posting that they can't play anymore. In essence, you could unite enough people to flash mob someone's account to get them "banned" from Halo 5 until their rep is restored either by playing other games or waiting out the duration of the reputation cycle. Ochlocracy at it's finest. But you know, you didn't hear it from me.
  8. It was 4v4 when they play tested it on livestream. I'm assuming that's still the case.
  9. Unless it's been patched recently. But when farming first became a thing and I was still solo queuing, I would quit matches all day. I refuse to be farmed on, and bans never stopped me from requeuing.
  10. But you can still play warzone even when you are quit banned. Even though you can be banned for quitting Warzone matches, the ban itself only affects arena.
  11. I mean that if they change the spawn locations, farmers would just take a day to learn the new spawns and then spread out their team into smaller packs to cover the new areas as well.
  12. Honestly, I don't think moving the spawns from one point to another will fix anything. Farmers would still farm, they'd just need to spread themselves thinner. I'm sure 343i knows this. If not, then @@Sal1ent @@Bravo
  13. Considering it the topic of the latest survey, I think it's pretty obvious they are aware of the issue.
  14. Throwing the original Xbox controller... you know the big ass one... I needed to repaint that wall anyways.
  15. But.. but...my turd is looking pretty good these days.
  16. Breakout was fairly well received in Beta. 343i just chose to shove it down everyone's throat by putting it in the Arena playlist where it didn't belong and forcing the pros to play it in tournaments. If it had just remained it's own separate playlist, I'm certain it would have coexisted just fine before everyone got a vile taste in their mouth for it.
  17. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/6e35355aecdf4fd0acdaee3cc4156fd4/topics/warzone-artwork/63678387-b06e-4b8e-84d6-c0d1c5d68056/posts?page=1
  18. AKREZZ tried to claim it as his own on waypoint too.
  19. The hammer falls quick on waypoint. I've seen people get banned for saying "triggered."
  20. That Raven? I don't know her on a first name basis.
  21. Indeed, I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before have I not? I know I have on Waypoint when people were talking about how the report system did absolutely nothing.
  22. It always amuses me when people know I'm on the Xbox Enforcement team and add me to their friends in search of favors. Like people who follow and expect a refollow on twitter.

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