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  1. I wish I had the option to use the magnum instead of BR in regular SWAT.
  2. It hides their posts too? Or just blocks DMs?
  3. I farm, I'm sure plenty of people here know that already. I just think 'crop' sounds silly. I'd call the guy a tool, but one gripe doesn't merit it.
  4. A crop can't complain, it's the swine that squeal and protest at slaughter.
  5. Farmers also slaughter cattle, which sounds more metal. Human livestock. Sheeple. Crop just sounds asinine imho.
  6. I had made a post about a week or so ago on how far off we were from 100% completion towards the helmet, I'll update it again either tonight or tommorow.
  7. I picked up the Witcher at launch on a whim but haven't had the time to dive deep into it.
  8. ? Rank 1 is 10k, rank 4 was like 42k. And we're already 10% through rank 5. Feels like it counts just about everything except the AR/magnum as a power weapon.
  9. I honestly don't think it will be that long. Especially with all the upcoming content. Firefight will make short work of the AI kills, the only one of those that'd still be a pain is marine kills since I doubt we'd be killing them in firefight. Majority of the other things will just come along passively and we can focus on the stragglers once the others are completed.
  10. Realistically, when was the last time you saw someone pull this off and then not farm? The two go hand in hand these days, mainly because even though people might not inately be farmers, they still wait for the 10 minute mark so they get max XP/RP.
  11. When you catch the Waypoint Community Engineer trying to run farm strat... Didn't work out so well for them I'm afraid. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/mode/warzone/matches/b938145e-2187-45b2-8eb0-e900934639ac/players/hot%20juicy%20pie?gameHistoryMatchIndex=5&gameHistoryGameModeFilter=Warzone
  12. I'm more surprised how far Battlefront dropped
  13. Even if I weren't, this exact situation is outlined in the public FAQ.
  14. 50 bucks? I wanted these when Major Nelson first showed them 6 months ago, but fuck that noise.
  15. SWeAT. Equal starts, no bullshit pickups. Really the only thing that can ruin a match up is getting a shit map.
  16. Come on man, I can only disclose so much information lol.
  17. Correct, it is passive over time or a ratio rather. Reports/unique users encountered, it also resets over predetermined intervals.
  18. Liking stuff in your feed has no bearing on your reputation I'm afraid. You are misinformed.
  19. I wouldn't necessarily call it pointless, you're almost at the tipping point.
  20. That's a TB group? I only recognize like 3 people.
  21. Interesting, I wonder if this works with other vehicles
  22. Ninja Gaiden -> Ryu Hayabusa -> Hayabusa armor. Full circle.

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