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  1. I liked ODST Firefight, but Reach's was pure trash IMO. I'm at least interested to see what they have in store for a 12m firefight.
  2. Getting a new profile gamerpic for HWC too
  3. What better way to show your love for Halo esports than to wear it on your (armored) sleeve? In celebration of the tournament, anyone who watches the Finals broadcast – starting on Sunday at 4 p.m. PT on their Xbox One or Twitch – can get the Halo World Championship REQ Pack for free. This special HaloWC REQ Pack includes the all new “Ultra Rare” Challenger armor set and HaloWC 2016 emblem. Act fast as this is only available until 9 a.m. PT on Mar. 21.
  4. On the bottom of the page you can select view full site. That will bring up the layout as if you were on PC with multiquote and everything.
  5. You were nearly an Onyx yourself last season though and 2 of your teammates were also Onyx. The only guy that stands out is the Plat 6, who by chance is now a Onyx in Slayer and Arena, as well as Champ#62 in Social Snipers (LOLOLOLOL) Doesn't seem like the matchmaking parameters are that far off honestly, just a bad game.
  6. You're probably just too young to grasp the subtle nuance of it all.
  7. I particularly like the part in the description about how 343 or MS aren't allowed to bid or anyone on their behalf. And how they are imposing an NDA, because that's totally enforcible. Like I almost want to bid just to call them out. I'm eerily curious what they have the reserve set at.
  8. Prison sex rules: No one said you had to like it.
  9. Warzone is their cash cow. Keeping the casuals happy so they keep spending money on REQ packs is obviously going to be a top priority from a business standpoint.
  10. Nothing like fighting pinky over and over again. And that one time there was TWO pinkies.
  11. 70 Sniper Skill Kills 27,946 Melee Kills 20,503 Reversals 8,295 First Strikes 1,156 Sniper Headshots on Vehicles 44,667 Marine Kills 10,173 Teammate Protection Kills 11,492 Boss Kills/Assists 184,716 Spartan Kills 23,789 Covenant Kills 4,829 Triple Kill+ 14,591 Enemy Vehicles Destroyed 17,130 Close Calls 2,902 Longshot Kills 3,326 Ground Pound Kills 266,305 Standard Weapon Kills 6,618 Splatter Kills 3,684 Kills from the Grave 3,056 Cluster Luck, Last Shot, Syonara, or Fastball Medals 77,928 Power Weapon Kills 6,877 Assassinations 245,393 Headshots 41,615 Promethean Kills 41,617 Ground Vehicle Kills 13,871 Shoulder Charge Kills 1,762 Vehicles Hijacked 441 Hijackers Killed 38,777 Grenade Kills
  12. You were banned for saying ********. It has nothing to do with the context of the subject. There are plenty of ways to give criticism without being verbally offensive. Notice how it even censors it here, a place where I can say "fuck you, you're a cheeky cunt." Some words are just taboo.
  13. It's not hard to Google interviews with Tom Holland to hear more.
  14. Oh no doubt, I just don't want Spiderman to be spun as some comedic relief gimick.
  15. Ugh I seriously hope that isn't going to be an actual scene. That made me not want to see the movie as much as the wonder woman debut in Batman v Superman.
  16. That's how it used to work on 360. The two systems are independent of each other. So avoiding someone on 360 doesn't effect your matching against them on XBO. Currently all blocking someone on XBO does is prevents them from communications, they can't see your feed, send you messages, and it automutes them in chat.

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