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  1. Glad I'm at work so I can't buy packs until tonight. Hopefully there is an official answer by then.
  2. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Hot%20Juicy%20Pie/video/15776125 Let me just spartan charge the entire length of a football field
  3. Isn't that the campaign mission where you have to search for clues in the Sanghelli temple and you jump across that gap to activate the statue? I thought you just naturally jumped further in that area to cross the gap.
  4. 2000+ views of my encounter with an invincible player in less than a day. /famous
  5. No? It was sold as a standalone for $15 as well.
  6. Technically $45, buying it gave you the latest map pack for free.
  7. Marma inducing Stockholm Syndrome on the randoms.
  8. The match wasn't lagging though oddly enough, the guy wasn't teleport in around or anything for us... he just literally would not die. That being said...
  9. Even if it is just a glitch, how long did it take for people to start widely using the armory glitch, wall breaching, or spawn blocking? Glitches break games just as bad as modders.
  10. Here you go, video uploaded of the unkillable guy. @@Sal1ent @@Bravo What the fuck is this shit?
  11. So I think someone finally broke the code for modding XBO. Just played a game against someone that literally could not be killed, uploading a video shortly.
  12. Not that it was needed, but another shining example of the bullshit Halo 5 sniper... http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Hot%20Juicy%20Pie/video/15714231
  13. You should have told him his opinions were invalid because of Gears of War: Judgement.
  14. hey man, bullshit quick time events aside, the didact's fight had awesome music.
  15. I know there was a guy on reddit thay was doing constant reads of the open API to get playlist populations hourly. Idk if that's still a thing though.
  16. Not to mention all the people that don't give a shit tuning in jusy for the free REQ pack.
  17. Looks like XBO is getting cross platform support this spring
  18. Especially since they added commendations for both grifball and assault, the two should rotate.
  19. Because it was garbage, that's why. In ODST the enemies hunted you down around the map, in Reach the enemies gravitated around their predesignated spawn points and just waited for you to come get them.

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