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  1. Am I not turtley enough for the turtle club?
  2. It's correct. You have to have completed rank 3, as in it shows 4/5.
  3. Fixed “fast fall” and “slide boost” exploits BOOOOOOOOOOO
  4. Fml I'm at work still. Patch notes live? New reqs added yet? I'll buy packs from my fucking phone.
  5. Not the 'official' ones. They were like a limited 1 of 500 run. You can still find knockoff ones on Amazon for a few hundred though.
  6. Love me some Mass Effect. Even bought the $400 leather jacket when they added it to Bioware store.
  7. Looks simple enough, then again I've seen countless people fail at ground pounding into pillbox on apex 7.
  8. I kind of want Josh to come back with something along the lines of Paul didn't meet their criteria to be considered a top seeded player. I enjoy a good pot stirring.
  9. You know what would make people want to participate more in completing company commendations? If the progressive REQ packs were actually worth a damn... seriously... 4 common to uncommons isn't shit. Congrats on your achievement, here's 1/3 of a bronze pack.
  10. Needs a Halo 3: ODST and a Halo 5: PIZZZZZZAAAAAAAA mashup
  11. Wait for the March update for Mark V [bATMAN]
  12. There is community interaction with Battlefront? Their community manager is the same guy that was community manager of Titanfall. I've seen more tweets in a week of his new car than I have of any game he's represented cumulatively over the past 3 years I've followed him.
  13. Talk to @@Infinity He's cracking down on who's let in and who's out so we don't have people who aren't even a part of TB riding coattails of our efforts.
  14. I played Halo wars to max rank and never knew they looked like this. Too tiny on screen. That armor is legit though.
  15. I disliked the Achilles when I first saw the still shots, but seeing it in motion in the trailer looks sleek af.
  16. Need moar assassinations and kills from the grave.
  17. Considering there is a separate one for splatters, I don't think they do. Much like how killing a knight boss counted as a boss kill but not a knight.
  18. I'm curious if the Halo 2 Battle Rifle will have any unique properties in Warzone considering it doesn't appear to have any of the attachments that the other loadout weapons have.
  19. What the hell else am I gonna do with them? They only give like 200 RP if I open them currently.
  20. I'm floating around 170K atm because I was confident in my previous numbers, shouldn't take but a day to farm another 20k. Plus I've got 38 unopened daily win packs saved up for those chances at permanent unlocks they give.
  21. @@Moa @@RyanW @ Alright, did a quick recount with the new released information. It appears 2 armor sets were not included in the original teaser reveal. My new counts are as follows: 9 Legendaries 18 Ulra Rares ( -2 for Achilles, -2 for Infiltrator Saboteur counted twice = 14) 16 Rares 12 Uncommons Breakdown: 23 Legendary/Ultra Rare cards = 12 Gold packs = 120,000 RP 28 Rare/Uncommon cards = 14 Silver packs = 70,000 RP Total: 190,000 RP for all items in Infinity's Armory.

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