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  1. @@heytred stop using emblems that arent in the game yet.
  2. Get good at being bad It's funny when you look at how many Kills from the grave are required vs other types of kills on the same tier. 3,000 KftG vs 1500 Assassinations? 343i thinks assassinations are twice as hard to get? Or my personal favorite... 3,000 KftG vs 300 Driver kills. It's 10 times harder to use the bullet magnet sniper on a vehicle driver apparently.
  3. Wasn't there a Team in the prelims that suicided in spawn because they refused to play breakout?
  4. Today we've faced TO12s game after game for the better part of 5 hours. I enjoy a good close match as much as the next person. But Id like to be able to just completely shit on randoms too and farm commendations. The casual crowd as a whole is slowly vacating. I used to solo queue in warzone care free during the first months of the game. Now I'd rather sit at the main menu for 10 minutes until we have at least 7 other people before I'll even touch WZ. At least PVZ GW2 is around the corner so I can get my casual bender out on that when I need to hang my sweatband out to dry for a few hours.
  5. Out of curiousity, does anyone know what happens when two people with Advanced Sensors encounter eachother? Do they cancel one another out and act as normal radar?
  6. We are now 3/5 on everything. Just have to push to complete level 3 to get that armor.
  7. When people try telling me assassinations are hard... http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Hot%20Juicy%20Pie/video/14317988
  8. There we go, looks like my browser was being a derp. Anywho, more assassination farming this morning.
  9. The field remains blank when I try to just paste it in the box.
  10. How do I embed a YouTube video anyways? It keeps wanting to just post links.
  11. I'm in no way defending 343is DLC model, but you can't give Destiny that much credit. The first DLC packs were cut directly from the full game. Dataminers were able to find the full content for TDB and HoW buried in the game code at launch. That isn't exactly what I'd call quality 'DLC' either. Especially when they charged for it. And Taken King cost almost as much as a full game. Regardless of how good it might be, I shouldn't have had to pay another $40 for a story narrative that should have been present at launch.
  12. That's what I've been using. Active camo and prophet's bane are fun things to throw in as well. That's how I got 6 in a row earlier today, just crouch walking through their spawns with PB.
  13. Its actually kind of fun, I've made a game of it. Like MGS sneaking around waiting for enemies to separate from the rest of their team so you don't get caught.
  14. Put 33 more assassinations on the board today. Best game so far was 6 in one life.
  15. A position has opened up on the Spartan Company. Contact @Infinty if you'd like to try to get in.
  16. It's stupidly imbalanced for a common armor mod. Abuse it before it's nerfed.
  17. It increases your radar to 40m so you can see people before they see you. It also allows you to see people who are crouched, and you will not appear on other peoples radar unless you are sprinting, so you can freely walk at normal pace to get behind people.
  18. Advanced sensors are your friend. It's pretty funny how many people depend on their radar in this game.
  19. Farming them assassinations like Hop in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KqXFhRxybE
  20. That's what I was thinking should be the properties of a legendary version, similar to how Tartarus pulled 343 to him with it.
  21. Depends on the boss I think. I'm consistently getting to rank 4 before we even capture Fortress on Stormbreak just from killing Lochagos.
  22. It's not that bad. We are among the top 10 companies, there are a few that are already pushing for the helmet. We just still have a few people who for lack of better words aren't pulling their weight or only focusing on one area. I'm happy to grind assassinations as needed, I just can't keep the active camos flowing to farm 5+ a game like I have been. Entombed on BTB is goat for assassinations. So few people seem to know where the active camo spawns so I can grab it almost every time it's up.
  23. I did 11 yesterday lol and that's only on the first page of game history I checked. Advanced sensors works miracles. Also, they added the two mastery ones to the kill tab, that's probably what's throwing it off.
  24. Is it too much to ask for everyone in the company to try and get at least a single assassination each day? It's by far our slowest progressing one.

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