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  1. Oh yea it's something ridiculous like 9 or 10
  2. There actually is a cap. I've gotten a message before saying there was too many vehicles on the field already.
  3. The inconsistencies with the commendations just bother me. 950 Air vehicle kills vs 9000 ground vehicle kills on the same rank... why... 6000 covie kills vs 9000 Promethian kills... double why YY
  4. True enough. You can usually tell within the first few minutes who will win the game. If it's looking grim, I'll dip and saveface.
  5. Because the bar for level 3 ground vehicles is grossly out of proportion to the rest. Level 3 air vehicles was only 1k vs 9k for ground vehicles.
  6. Oh no I wouldn't complain. I just expect that to be an excuse not to do it.
  7. They'd pretty much have to redo the entire system to grant people exp and RP after leaving a match.
  8. I'm a completionist and try my damndest to 100% all my games. That being said, I don't give a flying fuck about completing my Breakout commendations.
  9. They really should nerf the requirements for the First Strike medals in the SC kills tab like they did with the Kills from the Grave. Seeing as how you only have 1 opportunity per match to get it.
  10. I take thay back. Looks like I just ran into an unlucky streak.http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Hot%20Juicy%20Pie/video/14460250
  11. I know that feel. I'm starting to regret spreading the word about advanced sensors. Seems like I am having a much harder time sneaking up on unsuspecting players over the past few days.
  12. @@Sal1ent I noticed some stealth nerfs to SC commendations. Can we get a complete list of changes made so I don't have to spend an hour comparing old data?
  13. Okay, who are the Allstars that farmed 1200+ kills from the grave in a day and a half? Much love.
  14. Doesn't really matter to me, but I can see where people are coming from. I mean when everything in game and in the manual relates you to Halowaypoint, unless you are in the know of these subcommunities, then you will feel like your concerns are falling on deaf ears. Someone new to the franchise might not know about TB, and I personally avoid reddit with a passion because I despise its' layout. So it comes off brash when you tell people on an official Halo website that if they want official responses that they need to go somewhere else to get them. I understand the concerns of 343i as well too. There is a lot less red tape they have to dance around when using unofficial channels. Like @@heytred for example, he can just post as a normal player here and not catch much flak for it.
  15. I think these would be cool if they added either an art editor or submission option via waypoint similar to the emblem edit or on Battlefield. Say your company reaches a certain tier in assists or gametype commendations (since kills already has a dedicated reward.) and it unlocks custom skin options for certain weapons based on the tier lIke comelete 3 for AR and 5 for magnum.
  16. I second this. I'm glad the days of people quitting pre match if they didn't get host are over. I sympathize with the people experiencing problems. I had time Warner before and it was awful. It isn't just Halo that has problems, it's a multitude of games with their services. I used to get constant dcs on WoW with them... im fairly certain it's a problem on their end and not 343is. That doesn't excuse the problems with EU,AU,and BZ players though. That's something 343 still needs to address.
  17. Granted that's only my speculation, and my only supporting evidence is that H2A was the only game in the collection graphically overhauled specifically for XB1. The other 3 games were just 360 ports.
  18. I personally prefer swatnums since the magnum has a faster draw time. I like to slide jump around corners and being able to draw my weapon back faster in the air suits my play style better.
  19. I'd hardly say it was showcased. I mean we saw early renders of it on screen for a brief moment during a studio tour of the art department. That's about it. We've seen the Halo 2 BR since TMCC. It was pretty much copied directly from H2A.
  20. I just hope they balance it enough to make it a loadout weapon. Whispered Truth is cool and all, but when I can get a tank for the same REQ cost, I'll go with the tank every time.
  21. Additionally players will receive the Mark V Alpha armor set, inspired by the Master Chief’s armor in Halo: Combat Evolved. I figured they would throw in a freebie item to sweeten the deal. Too bad it isn't anything of value to people who already have everything unlocked. If they really want to capitalize on this, they need to add an exclusive item like HCS. People eat that shit up.

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