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  1. Who said anything about getting noticed? I'm trying to get Achilles and Shoulder Charge kills are our lowest commendation now that vehicle kills finally got their shit together.
  2. Dear Arena players in the company. Plz use more spartan charge. You say it's OP, so use it. Your company will thank you.
  3. Sorry for your loss. Attached is a complementary REQ card. -343i
  4. Had to scroll back to find this and laugh at how Comcast just reported that their services are down for over half the country.
  5. I heard we needed ground vehicle kills and splatters... http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Hot%20Juicy%20Pie/video/14787811
  6. To me it just feels inconsistent. Every time I find a setting I'm comfortable with, it feels wonky as fuck a few days later. Almost like the game keeps resetting to default even though my settings appear just as I left them in the game menu.
  7. He's responded to a few of my non forge related questions too. But mostly I like him because he posts pics of his pet pig.
  8. Heh but lets be honest, we've all fucking done it at one point. Even if only to see just how derp friendly it is.
  9. It's gotten to the point that they are all I'm focusing on atm. Stopped my assassination grind. 70% of our company are arena tryhards that haven't even touched Warzone. They can pick up the tab for assassinations and I'll do vehicle/AI kills.
  10. I get this every now and again. Terrain positioning is dumb in this game. If they are on uneven ground like an incline sometimes it won't register, or my personal favorite, it cancels the animation and let's them live because your animation throws them onto uneven ground that breaks the physics engine.
  11. There's more than likely plenty of new REQs not shown on the card. It doesn't make sense to add the new attachment to only certain variants of each weapon.
  12. Over 400 vehlicle kills since I checked yesterday. Good effort getting us back on track for Achilles. Still 1 spot open in the company. Get at @@Infinity if you want to join. Need more Warzoners.
  13. Before ODST came out the only way to get Recon was to be in Bungies good graces, they pretty much just awarded it to people like the guy who got killed by a traffic cone or the guy that sniped himself after ricocheting a bullet entirely around the map off of like 14 different surfaces. Recon was common after ODST, literally anyone could get it then.
  14. Just because they are adding it as a REQ, doesn't mean it will be a random drop. They could just as easily tie it to more SR commendations. The assist and gametype commendations currently have no rewards.
  15. SMGs. They are all 3 variants of the SMG all with the new hammer melee attachment.
  16. A consistent 30k with average people only playing 2 hours a day is still ~360,000 unique users daily. Not too bad.
  17. I use BTB for my daily win bonus. I haven't had an issue finding matches.
  18. OR better yet, a random game mode in a playlist simply titled "Ball" that includes Grifball, Oddball, Assault, etc.
  19. Our ground vehicle kills progression is truely pathetic lately.
  20. Looks like another spot opened up in the company. Need more people farming ground vehicle kills.
  21. I second this. Doesn't really matter to me if there's 20k or 200k. I'm still enjoying the game and still having 30 second match queue times. Not everything has to be a popularity contest.

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