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  1. Lol promethean hijacked mantis aka stop people bitching about mantis destroyer. Inb4 crawlers on mongooses.
  2. I saw a video once of these two girls, they seemed to enjoy it.
  3. That feeling when you grav hammer someone out of the armory glitch.
  4. I shot that out to Nak3d Eli. I'm sure he'll get a kick out of what still passes as an acceptable name.
  5. Doing my daily enforcement rounds when suddenly I question how some of these make it past the filter.
  6. There's nothing sudden about it. My friend in high school was force gamertag changed because his was "Naked People." This was back in 2004. Eli got away with bypassing the word filter with a 3 for over a decade.
  7. Glitch into armory wall, afk for 10 mins. Profit.
  8. Salt is odorless though. Someone is mad I took the wind out of their sails. pps the human pyramid pic was better than the one you ended up posting. Errr I mean wut... I didn't have eyes inside that fuck fest of a forge map.
  9. I imagine it will be like Destiny's Iron Banner, best equipped team wins. Insta level 9 REQs is great and all, but if you haven't unlocked high level stuff to call in at that point, you're pretty much fucked.
  10. Make smurf account > Transfer freebie 56 card deck > Sell > Profit Repeat
  11. Also sounds like another ingenious way to get people to cull their REQ collection and buy more packs.
  12. It's the br55 emblem. It's a uncommon I think.
  13. Heads up, Sauna just got the helmet and are making some half assed barn in forge to pose in front of and call everyone crops again.
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