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  1. Getting on in about a half hour, usually on during the day EST. Feel like I'm hitting a wall playing solo. Arena, slayer, GB FFAs. GT: Shackish
  2. Always looking for more. I'm usually on 9am-5pm EST. Shackish
  3. Not sure if I want 6 man FFA anymore. It'd alleviate a few problems but it isn't addressing the source of them. Strong automatics, short radar range, increased movement options, and the spawn system all work against a competitive FFA. Plus, it'd make a few maps too barren and 8 players was normal prior to the H3 play list. This iteration of FFA just feels wrong. Games are consistenly close because a player can get several bad spawns in a row. It isn't uncommon for someone to start the game 5-1 and then be 10-10 within a few minutes. It also isn't uncommon for the winner of the last round to be dead last the next with the same group of people. It isn't completely random, good FFA players are able to make it to the top of the leaderboards but it's totally normal for really good players to get the D every few games.
  4. Has anyone seen that damage boost get picked up and actually used? I'm so confused how they were playing this during testing.
  5. This is the way I understand it: you're Onyx until you're within the top 200 of that playlist. So lets say your CSR is Onyx 1500 and the guy at Champion 200 is at 1501. You'd need 1502 to get Champion 200 (not sure how a tie works). Progressing beyond that moves you up the list of 200 top ranked players. Post match the ranks are listed to the left of the GT in the carnage report. If there are leaderboards on waypoint, I can't find them.
  6. Agreed, FFA is a cluster. Decreasing from 8 to 6 should help the spawns and slow it down a little. I'd like to test it with radar at 30m as well. With how fast movement is 18m is almost useless.
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