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  1. Ok, so I went over the team for todays cup and here are the changes: Assault is teaming with Hysteria, Cloud and denoxide. Envy is : Arkanum, Ogre 2 , Mikwen and Pistola. OpTic is: Maniac, Flamesword, FiS and Posey. Winterfox is: Ryanoob, Randa, Shooter and Domie.
  2. Interactive streamer, and there is music too :p Plus you will fall in love with my English accent http://www.twitch.tv/olledmlg7
  3. DMLG Custom 2v2's (My partner an I are looking for decent 2 players to play against) Europe
  4. Here is my twitch stream, hope you enjoy it Yes I do stream only Halo 4 in the mean time and that's because I am preparing for Halo 5. I'm an interactive streamer and I put music too, so let's hangout together Also hurray for my first post http://www.twitch.tv/olledmlg7 EDIT: I also have a YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/sirdmlg

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