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  1. Hey I'm pretty sure I played halo reach with you when you were known as Arka soller. I was probably known as cerebral ia at that time. Small world!
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't there really only 3 decent teams from EU those being of course epsilon, infused and dignitas? Are there any other teams that could even compete against the top NA squads?
  3. Grandma's boy quote and it needed to have been referenced accordingly Plz learn
  4. A coach is going to excel at breaking down gameplay and I personally love it. Although I do want to see Optics team succeed, I do not have any reason to watch vlogs or those dumb "day in the life" videos. I'll watch just about all the videos towey cranks out at once while I'm winding down sooooooo yeah. I think towey is doing a good job with his channel.
  5. I'm going to be playing arena or slayer at a high onyx level at 730am central 3/13and no one on my friends list will be on that early. I wanna run 4's message me if you wanna play gt cunny reborn. I can normally carry but don't be a scrub:)
  6. All great points. Some features I forgot about from previous halos. No reason they should have been taken out!
  7. Hey guys! There's a halo tournament coming to Minneapolis later this month as part of a circuit traveling around the midwest. Follow officialncga on twitter and fb and the website is officialncga.com for details. Hurry up and sign up once the date is posted before the bracket fills up! Will probably go live on either eventbrite.com or challonge.com sometime this week
  8. There's a circuit that actually travels around the midwest and the next event should be in Minneapolis at the end of this month. Follow official ncga on twitter and fb for details. Website is officialncga.com
  9. The halo 5 4v4 tourney in champaign is a week away! Get your teams together and come out for an afternoon of fun.
  10. The next tourney is in champaign Illinois! Make your state proud and bring a team to this event Feb 27th. Last two events were dominated by far more cod teams than halo teams and this hurts my soul. Let's show that community what we are made of and why our game is better to both play AND watch. This tourney will also be streamed. Search ncga on eventbrite.com
  11. Hey good job in the lcq cool matching you and your team was solid. How far did you end up getting?
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