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  1. I've never participated in a flight, and I'm fairly certain that I was only selected because I have a 3070.
  2. No. Every other weapon in Halo 3's Sandbox is either better than The BR in specific situations, or it does something that The BR cannot. The BR is a utility weapon, and as a Utility weapon it is designed so that the average 50th skill percentile player has a reasonable chance to defend themselves off spawn. There is a very good reason that the majority of social montagers fuck on kids whom are spawning with pistols. They cannot defend themselves off spawn. So they get farmed.
  3. Bruh.... https://mobile.twitter.com/so7en_/status/1406728902966484993?s=21
  4. 1. You didn’t answer if there was Thruster equipment. My apologies, I didn't see it. But he said no.(THANK GOD) 2. Appreciate the info. Lots of little goodies in that list of answers there. You are welcomed. 3. I'm curious though; does your friend know about what was leaked here in Beyond at all? No, he does not. And neither do I. 4. Ask him if frag grenades had to come top a rest to explode. No, they blew up after a set amount of time after the initial contact with another object(or player). So just like Halo 3. In fact he told me that the game feels like a mix between Halo 3 and 5.
  5. I'm not changing the subject, there's nothing that I can do about other people not talking about their time with the game. I don't know any of them, nor am I in control of their behavior. Does it cost you anything to believe me? No. Does it cost you anything to believe that I'm lying? No. So just take it as the value neutral data that it is. I cannot prove to you that I am telling you the truth, what does it matter. With how tight lipped 343 has been about the meaningful details of the game I figured that I would tell you folk as much as I could. I have a clean track record on this forum, and I've even played evolved settings with some of you(Nick was a god). I've not done anything to warrant suspicion.
  6. So I did it for the forum clout? Nah, believe me or not, I was just providing a service.
  7. You don't. Either way I'm legitimately excited for this game. I'm ready to be hurt again.
  8. 1. Are headshot multipliers when damaging shields in the game or not? According to him, yes. He could feel that this was a thing, and they told him that it was present in the build. However it was only present on precision weapons.(not automatics). 2. Does the Sidekick kill in six shots to the head? Does the Commando kill in seven shots to the head? Is there a Thruster Equipment? Is there a remake of an older Halo map? He said that the sidekick killed in 6. The Commando felt like it killed in 5-6(but notice how fast it shoots. 3. Surely he doesn't have any recent/relevant info if his NDA has expired right? Mayhaps, I think that it provides us a glimpse into what 343 envisions the game to play like. 4. TTKs for the sidekick & mangler? I'm sorry fam, but what is the mangler? IF you're talking about the shotgun then it's a 1 shot kill but you have to be very close to the target. 5. Custom game options - can we turn off sprint & clamber? Any options to adjust damage output on individual guns? Or just one overall damager modifier option? Yes, you could turn off things like sprint & clamber, adjust damage, etc. But he said do keep in mind that he was playing a pre-release build of the game. So these options come standard, and it doesn't mean that it will be in the official release. 6. What color is my underwear I didn't bother asking them, we all know that it's brown. 7. Was it fun? Yeah, he said that he had a blast. 8. Are headshot modifiers on fully shielded players a thing? Answered. 9. Were competitive settings tested? If so, do they differ from standard settings? What were the starting weapons? No he did not test competitive settings. 10. Did grenades provide hit indicators when damaging players? In that build they didn't have any hit indicators. 11. How do overshields function? Is there an invincibility period? Is it strong protection or weak? No invincibility period, however the protection provided was strong. 12. How many charges of Grapplehook are available on pickup? 2, afterwards you lose it. 13. Where does the Time to Kill sit to you? Like CE, 3, 5 or even Destiny? It felt slower than Destiny(sub 1 second), but faster than Halo 3. If they can answer any of this, that would be great Yee.
  9. No he's not. A power weapon typically is a 1 hit kill, has a specific utility(brute shot)or it has an incredibly rapid kill time like The Saw. The whole reason that Sprint is such a problem in Halo, but it's not in COD(although I believe that COD would play better without sprint) is due to Halo's longer kill times. Therefore it is reasonable to lower the kill time to nullify this problem.
  10. So I know someone that works in the industry and has done some gameplay testing for Infinite. Their NDAA has expired. So feel free to ask me any questions on the game, and I'll try to get them to answer them.
  11. Well, looks like I need to quit fucking off, and buy a PC.
  12. Wait..... Anyone can do this? I thought that it was only for people in The Preview Program....
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