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  1. Myself and my teammate Pyrettic are looking for 1-2 others, preferably a good to2. we arent quite known in the community but we're top player material, hmu. we're both onyx in arena and champ 10 and 50 in dubs
  2. I went to Daytona with a throw together squad, and play everyday. onyx in everything
  3. f/a for all cups/ladders/whatever, plus i live in ohio so i can go to the HCS championship in columbus. hmu: Im Vizoxin
  4. add me. gt: Im Vizoxin i guess im a mainslayer/pusher but i can adapt
  5. i'm a f/a, messaged you. currently playing on a 43 inch tv so im a little worse but ill have a monitor within a week
  6. I'm available for all of the ladders/qualifiers etc just want a team I can rely on 100%. message me to run games. gt: Im Vizoxin preferably players who are onyx+ in arena
  7. add me if you still need a 4th. gt: Im vizoxin
  8. all of you in this thread seem pretty solid, hit me up if you guys need a 4th or wanna put something together. i play all the time and have been playing halo competitively since h3. gt: im vizoxin
  9. Add me if you wanna run some games. gt: im vizoxin i play at least 5-6 hours a day
  10. I play a lot of halo, i've always been competitive since h2. went to daytona with randoms last minute, so you can say i already have lan experience. fresh outta high school, tryna go pro before I start school so I have unbelievable amounts of free time. add and message me if you need 1 or want to run some games and maybe start a team. I play from 3pm est-whenever I go to bed. GT: Im Vizoxin
  11. i added a couple of you guys. looking for 2 onyx+ players to play arena/breakout with. add me: Im Vizoxin

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